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Text prompt generator with categorized output.
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Prompt.Cafe is an AI Prompt Starter Pack library designed to help users jump into the world of AI. It features an AI Prompt Generator with more than 300 tags, making it easy to create unique AI prompts in minutes.

The library also includes curated prompts, a Notion Prompt Pack to organize your own prompts, and blog posts to help inspire users. With Prompt.Cafe, users have access to a variety of tools and resources to help them create AI prompts that are tailored to their needs.

The Prompt Generator includes a variety of environment, angle and position, background, art style, production method, lens and photography, lighting style, coloring, and blog resources.

Users can also join the MicroCreations list to get updates when new features are available. Prompt.Cafe provides users with an easy and accessible way to start creating AI prompts.


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Pros and Cons


300+ tags
Curated prompts
Notion Prompt Pack
Blog posts for inspiration
Variety of environments
Angle and position tags
Variety of backgrounds
Several art style tags
Production method options
Lens and photography tags
Different lighting styles
Diverse coloring options
MicroCreations list updates
Notion templates for organization
Product featured on Product Hunt
Community content


Requires repeated purchases
No mobile application version
Lack of user interface diversity
No tag search option
No real-time collaboration feature
Lacks in-built prompt saving
Notion pack at extra cost
Updates only through email
Unpredictable third-party platform reliance
Limited customization of prompts


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