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Prompt Club is a free, fast, and powerful tool that serves as a playground for developers and prompt engineers to test, compare, and use OpenAI prompts, unlocking the full capabilities of generative AI.

With the prompt editor, users can create and save prompts with input variables and use them in the chat environment to generate text, code, and more. Users can modify the behavior of the AI model by selecting the AI model, controlling the randomness, and more.

The original ChatGPT model is faster than the GPT-4 model and can process up to 4,000 tokens per request. Its strengths lie in complex reasoning, coding, and creative generation in a human-like writing style.

The tool provides parameters such as the temperature, maximum tokens, top P, stop sequences, frequency penalty, and presence penalty that the users can adjust to achieve their desired results.

The tool's pay-per-usage model allows users to use ChatGPT to generate text, code, and more without having to pay for a monthly subscription. Prompt Club also allows users to save prompt templates, enabling them to create prompts once and use them multiple times with different input variables.

Overall, Prompt Club is an excellent tool for developers and prompt engineers looking to experiment with generative AI models.


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Aug 1, 2023
Great idea - couple UI things to iron out, but solid way to test the outputs of both various prompting structures and variables simultaneously.

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Pros and Cons


Free usage
Fast processing
Highly powerful
Prompt creation
Saves prompts
Chat environment compatibility
Can generate code
Controls randomness
GPT-4 and ChatGPT integration
Processes 4,000 tokens/request
Complex reasoning capability
Coding proficiency
Creative generation
Adjustable temperature parameter
Max tokens parameter
Top P parameter
Stop sequences parameter
Frequency penalty parameter
Presence penalty parameter
Pay-per-usage model
No monthly subscription
Prompt template saving
Multiple use of prompts
Input variable functionality
Human-like writing style
Capabilities unlocking
Ideal for developers
Ideal for prompt engineers
Easy A/B testing with prompt variants
Interactive parameter testing


No collaborative features
Lacks version control
No real-time editing
Lacks GUI for beginners
No mobile app support
Scarcity of pre-made templates
No offline usage capabilities
Tokens per request limitation
Lacks detailed analytics
Exclusively English interface


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