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Generating extended art prompts for creative projects.
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PromptExtend is an AI Art Prompt generator tool that provides users with the ability to extend and elaborate a starting prompt into more detailed art prompts.

This is particularly useful for AI art creation tools such as, midjourneyAI, nightcafe, and starryai. It can also be used as a midjourney prompt generator, random art idea generator, art topic generator, random art generator, concept art idea generator, painting prompts generator, random art prompt generator, and drawing ideas generator.The tool is easy to use and requires no sign up or installation.

All the user has to do is enter the main idea of the art they are creating and the tool will generate 8-10 relevant extended prompts. The user can then click the copy button next to each prompt to easily copy the content to their clipboard.

They can then paste it into their AI art generator of choice.PromptExtend is free and available for use on any device running any operating system. It is a simple, yet powerful tool that helps artists to explore the potential of AI in art, experiment with different approaches and techniques, and learn more about the capabilities and limitations of AI art tools.


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Pros and Cons


Generates extended art prompts
Easy to use interface
No sign-up required
No installation required
Generates 8-10 prompts per input
Easy copying of prompts
Compatible with any device
Works with any operating system
Free access
Features a random prompt generator
Can generate concept art ideas
Supports painting prompts generation
Helpful for drawing ideas generation
Enhances artists' technique exploration


No app version
Customization options limited
No offline usage
No APIs provided
Doesn't integrate with art tools
No multiple languages support
No user profile management
Can't save prompts
Undefined data privacy
No community features


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