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Automated math prompt evaluation.
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The LLM Prompt Testing tool is a library designed to evaluate the quality of LLM (Language Model Mathematics) prompts and perform testing. It provides users with the ability to ensure high-quality outputs from LLM models through automatic evaluations.

The tool allows users to create a list of test cases using a representative sample of user inputs. This helps reduce subjectivity when fine-tuning prompts.

Users can also set up evaluation metrics, leveraging the tool's built-in metrics or defining their own custom metrics.With this tool, users can compare prompts and model outputs side-by-side, enabling them to select the best prompt and model for their specific needs.

Additionally, the library can be seamlessly integrated into the existing test or continuous integration (CI) workflow of users.The LLM Prompt Testing tool offers both a web viewer and a command line interface, providing flexibility in how users interact with the library.

Furthermore, it is worth noting that this tool has been trusted by LLM applications serving over 10 million users, highlighting its reliability and popularity within the LLM community.Overall, the LLM Prompt Testing tool empowers users to assess and enhance the quality of LLM prompts, improve model outputs, and make informed decisions based on objective evaluation metrics.


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Pros and Cons


Automated math prompt evaluation
Provides prompt quality assurance
Defines custom metrics
Side-by-side prompt comparisons
Existing workflow integration capability
Web viewer and CLI
Used by over 10M users
Reduces prompt-tuning subjectivity
Supports LLM-graded evaluations
Enable objective decision-making
Facilitates high-quality LLM outputs
Supports representative user samples
Allows prompt and model selection
Trustworthy within LLM community
Enables prompt testing automation
Offers built-in evaluation metrics


No mobile version
No multi-language support
Possibly complex for beginners
No SDK for integration
Poor documentation
Limited built-in metrics
No customer support
Dependency on command line
No real-time evaluation
GitHub dependent


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