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Create, explore, and share AI art with ease and speed.
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Prompt Hunt is an AI-art platform that enables users to create, explore, and share art pieces leveraging AI technology. It includes a range of AI models, including Stable Diffusion, DALLE, and Midjourney.

Aimed at artists and creatives, the platform offers a quick and simplified art creation process.A key feature of Prompt Hunt is Chroma, their advanced AI model, which is used to generate high quality visuals swiftly, with impressive control and detail.

Prompt Hunt includes a collection of prompt templates to aid consistent creation of assets. Users can also create, modify, and share these templates, enhancing collaborative art creation.Designed for optimal user convenience, the platform has a drag-and-drop style selector and its privacy mode enables artists to keep their works private during the creation process.The platform supports a variety of art categories from 3D, logos, photography to pixel art, providing a broad spectrum for exploration and creation.

To enhance accessibility and aid beginners, various tutorials have been made available on the platform.In spite of its simplicity, Prompt Hunt also offers efficiency for more adept users or 'prompt engineers', thereby accommodating a wide range of user skills.

Lastly, users can choose different pricing plans according to their requirements, ensuring flexibility in terms of usage and cost.

Prompt Hunt was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 2nd 2023.
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Community ratings

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Dec 22, 2023
Rated it
No free plan or even a few free credits to test
Aug 10, 2023
Rated it
Super easy to use with great results, especially the magic wand feature to get better results.

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Pros and Cons


Hundreds of styles
Popular themes available
Variety of art categories
3D avatars
D&D character portraits
Cute animal stickers
Abstract 3D wallpapers
Isometric plants
Line logo marks
Illustrated male portraits
Tropical graphics
Action figures
Simple icons
Tarot cards
Drag-and-drop style selector
Privacy mode
Fast image generation
Collaborative art creation
Prompt templates
High-quality visuals
Wide range of user skills
Flexible pricing plans
Various tutorials available
User convenience focused
DALLE Images
SDXL images
Create four images at once
Efficient for prompt engineers
Streamline art creation
Easy to modify templates
Share templates
Manageable art categories
Adaptable according to requirements
Ease and speed focus
Optimal user convenience
Supports pixel art
Enhanced privacy
Supports 3D art
Supports logo generation
Supports photography
Artistic creativity
Digital art platform
Supports Vector Illustration technique
Multiple Theme Supports
Quick art creation process


No offline capability
Privacy mode limited to certain plans
Number of images restricted
Lack of comprehensive tutorials
No integration with other software
Limited collaborative features
Lacks support for different languages


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How flexible are the usage and costs of Prompt Hunt?

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