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Art prompt discovery and networking.
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Promptmakr is a platform for Prompt Engineers to generate and share unlimited AI art prompts for free. It provides a user interface that allows engineers to easily create their own repository of high quality prompts.

Promptmakr includes features such as lots of people in front of a military vehicle, food distribution, apocalyptic, chaos, foggy, fantastic backlight, fight, octane render, back light, cinematic, ISO 400, 8K, Indian street, chaos, people, bazaar, cinematic, hyper detailed, cyberpunk, 8K, tuk tuk, rickshaw, a river full of flowers running through a thick forest, rainforest, big leaves, vines, colorful vegetation, dream-like, nature, iridescent, low angle, hyper realistic, ambient occlusion, octane render, flock behavior, swarm of humans, fog, post apocalypse, atom punk, wide angle, volumetric lighting, cinematic still shot.

Promptmakr offers a Discord server to facilitate collaboration and has been featured on Product Hunt. It is a great tool for anyone looking to create AI art prompts quickly and easily.


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Promptmakr was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 20th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Unlimited prompt generation
Free to use
Collaborative via Discord
Featured on Product Hunt
Creates high quality prompts
Interactive user interface
Ease of prompt creation
Supports various themes
Enables detail-oriented prompts
Supports wide range of resolutions
Quick and simple registration
Google Login support
Repository of prompts
Octane render compatible
Support for cinematic styling
Volumetric lighting capabilities
Hyper-realistic prompt generation
Support for wide angles
Prompt suggestions based on scenarios
ISO sensitivity adjustment
Supports flock behavior scenarios
Prompt generation for post-apocalyptic scenes
Allows definition of prompt complexity
Cyberpunk theme support
Nature theme support
Hyper-detailed prompt generation


Requires JavaScript enabled
Requires registration
No mobile application
No prompt categorization
No advanced search
No version history
No collaboration within platform
Dependent on Discord for collaboration
Lack of output customization
No user rating system


What is Promptmakr?
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What does it mean that Promptmakr includes features such as 'military vehicle', 'food distribution', 'apocalyptic'?
How can Promptmakr be used to enhance the creation of 'hyper detailed' and 'cyberpunk' art prompts?
Is Promptmakr useful for creating '8K' and 'cinematic' visuals?
Does Promptmakr support user collaboration? If so, how?
Why has Promptmakr been featured on Product Hunt?
Is Promptmakr a free tool?
How can I join Promptmakr's Discord server?
Can I create a personal repository of prompts?
What are the benefits of using AI image platforms like MidJourney with Promptmakr?
Can I create dream-like or nature inspired prompts on Promptmakr?
What facilitates creation of 'back light' or 'octane render' prompts?
Can Promptmakr help me create 'swarm of humans' or 'post apocalypse' inspired prompts?
What is the role of the interactive user interface in Promptmakr?
How can I register on Promptmakr?
Can I login with Google on Promptmakr?

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