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A marketplace for prompt artists.
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Promptmakr is a specialized marketplace that caters to the needs of 'prompt artists'. This tool takes a unique approach by providing an open platform where users can both buy and sell AI prompts, creating a dynamic and flexible resource for AI users and developers.

By accentuating collaboration and sharing, it fosters a more innovative environment for working with AI prompts. Promptmakr is accessible on diverse platforms as it can be found in app stores, which includes Apple's App Store and Google Play Store.

It also values security and privacy of its users, offering clear terms and conditions, as well as a detailed privacy policy. The prompt artists have a built-in support mechanism, with the opportunity to contact the support team for any queries or help that might be needed.

With a focus on being a flexible and user-friendly platform, the tool aims to simplify AI prompt transactions. It can be leveraged by AI-related professionals to explore, purchase, and even sell creative and interesting AI prompts in a single, secure environment.


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Promptmakr was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 20th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Easy prompt creation interface
Personal prompt repository
Varied prompt themes
8K resolution prompts
Cinematic styled prompts
Hyper detailed prompts
Cyberpunk theme prompts
Nature-themed prompts
Ambient occlusion feature
Octane render feature
Marketplace for prompt artists
Cross-platform availability
Built-in support mechanism
Secure environment
Privacy policy clarity
Terms and conditions clarity
Prompt buying and selling
Discord server for collaboration
Featured on Product Hunt
User-friendly interface
Fosters collaboration and sharing
Flexible platform
Specialized for prompt artists
Can explore purchased prompts


No prompt moderation
Unclear revenue model
Possibly limited variety
Heavy reliance on community
Absence of quality control
Not targeted to novices
Collaboration relies on Discord
Security concerns for sellers
Limited support mechanisms

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