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Generates detailed, reproducible art prompts online.
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promptoMANIA is an AI art prompt generator designed to help you create stunning, detailed, and reproducible images. It is a free online tool that anyone can use to generate AI images on supported text-to-image models like CF SPARK, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion.

The human-friendly prompt builder helps you craft a clear vision for your expected output. You can list down details for the prompt builder, and even reference people, objects, and places.

Additionally, the Grid Splitter tool can separate an index image from Midjourney or Stable Diffusion into individual pictures. promptoMANIA was created with the help of Peter W.

Szabo, Guillaume Audet Beaupré, and Tuleyb Simsek and is not affiliated with Midjourney,, or OpenAI.


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Pros and Cons


Free online tool
Supports multiple text-to-image models
Human-friendly prompt builder
References people, objects, and places
Grid Splitter tool
Reproducible art prompts
Dedicated tutorials
Supports popular diffusion models
Offers template for prompt creation
User-friendly for beginners
Allows saving of generated art
Regular updates and improvements
Ability to change diffusion models
Agressive prefetching for faster performance
Support for additional Prompt details
Base image and additional references
Various art style inspirations
Maintains work progress when changing models
Run prompt now option


No mobile app support
Limited diffusion models support
No offline functionality
No user accounts/password protection
No social media sharing integration
Limited guidance/tutorials
No multilingual support
Limited response handling capabilities
No guarantee of prompt quality


What is promptoMANIA?
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What is the Grid Splitter tool?
Who created promptoMANIA?
Is promptoMANIA affiliated with Midjourney,, or OpenAI?
Does it cost anything to use promptoMANIA?
What are some of the supported text-to-image models?
What is the Prompt Builder tool?
How detailed can the generated art be?
What do I need to provide for generating an AI image?
Can I use other diffusion models with promptoMANIA?
What is--tile support for the Midjourney prompt builder?
How do I write a good prompt for AI art on promptoMANIA?
What was added in the 0.7.7 update?
How stable is the beta version of promptoMANIA?
What does CF Spark have to do with promptoMANIA?
Who was involved in the UX design and coding of promptoMANIA?
How many unique users does promptoMANIA have?
Can I separate an image into individual pictures using promptoMANIA?
Is there a guarantee for the prompts generated by promptoMANIA?

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