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Creative prompts for art projects generation.
Generated by ChatGPT

PromptxArt is an AI-powered tool that helps generate creative prompts for art projects. It has a library of 5 different prompts, which can be used in applications such as Midjourney, Dall-E, Dream Studio (Stable Diffusion), Craiyon, and NightCafe.

The tool also offers advanced options, allowing users to select specific genres of art, such as Pixel Art, Da Vinci Painting, Low-Poly, Ukiyo-e, Oil Painting, Digital Art, Comic-Strip, Hyperrealistic, Claymation, Futuristic Gothic Pencil Sketch, Renaissance Painting, Baroque Painting, Studio Photography, Mythological, Digital Games, Stained Glass, Egyptian Architecture, Warm Lighting, Editorial Fashion, Action Sports, Avant-Garde, Studio Ghibli, CGI Animation, Comix Wave Films, Shōnen, Seinen, Realistic Animation and more.

PromptxArt is easy to use, with users only needing to type in a phrase and the AI will generate a detailed prompt for them. The tool also has a log-in feature for registered users.


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Pros and Cons


5 different prompts available
Generates prompts for Midjourney
Generates prompts for Dall-E
Generates prompts for Dream Studio
Generates prompts for Craiyon
Generates prompts for NightCafe
Advanced options for prompt generation
Ability to select art genres
Prompt generation for Pixel Art
Prompt generation for Da Vinci Painting
Prompt generation for Low-Poly
Prompt generation for Ukiyo-e
Prompt generation for Oil Painting
Prompt generation for Digital Art
Prompt generation for Comic-Strip
Prompt generation for Hyperrealistic
Prompt generation for Claymation
Prompt generation for Futuristic Gothic Pencil Sketch
Prompt generation for Renaissance Painting
Prompt generation for Baroque Painting
Prompt generation for Studio Photography
Prompt generation for Mythological
Prompt generation for Digital Games
Prompt generation for Stained Glass
Prompt generation for Egyptian Architecture
Prompt generation for Warm Lighting
Prompt generation for Editorial Fashion
Prompt generation for Action Sports
Prompt generation for Avant-Garde
Prompt generation for Studio Ghibli
Prompt generation for CGI Animation
Prompt generation for Comix Wave Films
Prompt generation for Shōnen
Prompt generation for Seinen
Prompt generation for Realistic Animation
Ease of use
Simple phrase input for prompt generation
Detailed prompt generation
Log-in feature for registered users


Limited to 5 prompts
Requires user login
No API mentioned
No collaboration features
No mobile application support
Limited customization options
No mentions of multilanguage support
Image rendering dependent on others
Undisclosed plans and pricing


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