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Analyze and visualize business data.
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Propellor is a tool that allows you to unify and activate your data, enabling you to analyze it limitlessly across various business problems. With over 200 connectors, Propellor offers seamless integration with different data sources, giving you access to a wide range of data points.

This tool processes a significant amount of data on a daily basis, handling terabytes of data effortlessly.One of the key features of Propellor is its ability to create customized charts and dashboards tailored to your specific use case.

With the option to create your own visualizations, you can gain deeper insights and effectively communicate your data analysis to stakeholders. Additionally, Propellor offers ready-to-use dashboard templates that cover a wide range of generic and relevant charts, making it easier for you to get started without spending hours on customization.To better analyze your data, Propellor provides data apps that allow you to delve into various analysis results, such as the purchase journey of your customers or other relevant metrics.

These data apps enable you to dig deeper into your data and uncover valuable insights that can inform your decision-making process.Overall, Propellor aims to reinvent decision-making dashboards by providing a flexible and customizable platform for analyzing and activating your data.

Whether you are a business leader, marketing leader, growth manager, or product manager, Propellor offers tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.


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Pros and Cons


Unifies and activates data
Limitless data analysis
Over 200 connectors
Seamless integration with data sources
Effortlessly handles terabytes of data
Customized charts and dashboards
Create own visualizations
Provides deeper data insights
Communicates data analysis effectively
Ready-to-use dashboard templates
Covers wide range of charts
Data apps for detailed analysis
Uncovers valuable insights
Aims to reinvent decision-making dashboards
Flexible and customizable platform
Tailored solutions for specific roles
Processes 10TB+ data daily
Suitable for business and marketing leaders
Ideal for growth and product managers
Wide range of use cases
Can analyze customer purchase journey
Makes it easy to get started
Does not require hours for customization


Not open source
Potential learning curve with customization
Possibly overwhelming number of connectors
Requires daily intense data processing
Lack of specific use case examples
Does not mention security measures
No specific details about SQL integration
Assumes user proficiency in data analysis
Dashboard customization may be time-consuming


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What are Propellor's data apps?
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Who is Propellor designed for?
How does Propellor reinvent decision-making dashboards?
How does Propellor help in the analysis of business data?
Does Propellor provide tailored solutions based on my role in the organization?
How many metrics can I analyze with Propellor?
How does Propellor help me better communicate data analysis to stakeholders?
Can Propellor process real-time data?
Do I need any SQL knowledge to use Propellor?
How much data can Propellor process daily?
What insights can I gain from using Propellor for data analysis?
Is there a way to schedule a demo for Propellor?
Does Propellor offer consulting services?

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