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Talent assessment and recruitment platform.
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The pymetrics tool is a soft skills platform that aims to redefine hiring and talent management using data-driven behavioral insights and audited AI. It offers a more efficient, effective, and fair hiring process across the talent lifecycle.

The tool collects holistic data by using gamified behavioral assessments to evaluate the entire talent pool, rather than relying solely on resumes or subjective questionnaires.

It collects objective cognitive and behavioral data to measure the true potential of candidates and employees.Pymetrics allows companies to train custom AI algorithms based on their unique requirements and top talent attributes.

These algorithms can improve talent engagement, mobility, and retention within the company. Every algorithm is regularly tested for bias, ensuring ethical growth.The tool also suggests unbiased matches and growth opportunities, helping candidates and employees find the right fit within the company.

It can evaluate job seekers for any role within the company or the wider pymetrics ecosystem, redirecting them to suitable positions rather than rejecting them.Pymetrics aims to unlock the true potential of the workforce by providing a platform that integrates talent acquisition, workforce transformation, mobility, reskilling, and learning and development.

It offers solutions for early careers, high volume and hourly workers, professional hiring, career and succession planning, leadership and capability development, and diversifying the workforce.Overall, pymetrics is a comprehensive tool that leverages AI and behavioral science to optimize the hiring process, improve talent management, and promote diversity and inclusion.


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