Task automation 2023-09-12
Automated customer support with cognitive capabilities.
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Qex AI is a tool that enables individuals, businesses, and organizations to set up smart email-capable AI assistants. These assistants are capable of reading, understanding, and taking action on emails, performing various tasks such as customer support, personalized email marketing, lead qualification, policy compliance, and more.

With Qex AI, users can give instructions to their assistants in plain English, without the need for technical expertise or coding.The tool allows users to set up multiple assistants, each with their own mailbox and specific instructions for their role.

The assistants regularly check their mailbox and handle emails based on the given instructions.Qex AI provides several example instructions that users can copy and paste when setting up their assistants, such as customer support, lead qualification, sending cold emails, compliance enforcement, review requests, and debt collection.

These examples demonstrate the versatility of the tool and its ability to adapt to different use cases.Pricing for Qex AI includes a free trial with a $25 usage credit, and thereafter, a monthly subscription fee of $279, with all features included and no limitations on the number of assistants or emails.In summary, Qex AI is a powerful tool that allows users to leverage AI technology to automate their email-related tasks, enhance customer support, conduct personalized email marketing campaigns, ensure policy compliance, and perform various other functions tailored to their specific needs.


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QexAI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on October 13th 2023.
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