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Qik Meeting is an AI-powered business communication and collaboration app that focuses on improving productivity and organization. Its main feature is the auto-generation of meeting minutes, which eliminates the need for manual note-taking and ensures that important information is captured accurately.

The app also helps centralize work data by organizing it in one place, making it easier for users to access and retrieve information.Qik Meeting offers various types of meeting rooms, including online meetings and in-person collaboration rooms.

These rooms are equipped with features like video conferencing, scheduling, document sharing, and task assignment. For more focused communication, the app provides private one-on-one rooms that are secured for two individuals.One of the standout features of Qik Meeting is its integrated AI capabilities.

The AI takes care of tasks such as scheduling, assigning action items, and creating agendas, allowing users to focus on their work. The app also includes an advanced enterprise scheduler for global offices and a single pane of glass dashboard for a streamlined overview of all work-related activities.In terms of security, Qik Meeting emphasizes reinforced security measures and claims to have patent-pending technology.

It offers real-time collaboration powered by AI, promising significant productivity improvements. The app is available for free with the option to enable AI functionality for a cost, and it is compatible with various devices, including web browsers, Android devices, iPhones, Macs, and Windows devices.

Overall, Qik Meeting aims to be a comprehensive and efficient tool for businesses seeking to enhance their meeting organization and communication processes.


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Pros and Cons


Auto-generation of meeting minutes
Centralizes work data
Online and in-person meeting rooms
Private one-on-one rooms
Advanced enterprise scheduler
Single dashboard overview
Highly secured
Real-time collaboration
Compatible with various devices
Increases productivity
Helpful in global offices
No need for manual note-taking
Offers video conferencing
Allows document sharing
Opportunity for task assignment
Real-time collaboration
Free basic version
Patent-pending technology
Secured for two individuals
Focuses on work efficiency


Security measures undisclosed
Patent-pending technology unknown
No detailed feature breakdown
No option for on-premise
No multi-language support
Employee pricing unclear
Limited integration options
No offline access
Lacks versioning control


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