User stories 2023-03-02
Automated user story generation for product management.
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QikPM is an AI-powered tool that aids product managers in streamlining their app development processes and improving collaboration. With the click of a button, QikPM automates the generation of user stories, saving time and effort for product managers.

The tool offers 50 free user stories every month to help spark user story ideas and drive product vision. QikPM also includes a history feature that allows users to save and view their previous stories with ease.

The app is developed by QikBuild and interested parties can contact the company for more information. Overall, QikPM aims to enhance productivity and focus on value-added work for product managers.

Qikpm was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 2nd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Automated user story generation
Streamlines app development process
Improves collaboration
Saves time and effort
50 free user stories monthly
History feature for stories
Easy story recall
Enhances productivity
Encourages value-added work
Developed by QikBuild


Limited free user stories
No mobile app
No offline functionality
No user feedback system
Doesn't offer API integration
No multi-user collaboration
No chat for customer support
No integration with productivity tools
No real-time editing
Limited historical data


What is QikPM?
What does QikPM do?
How does QikPM improve the app development process?
Can I generate user stories automatically with QikPM?
How many free user stories does QikPM offer each month?
What is the history feature of QikPM?
How can I save and view my previous stories in QikPM?
Who developed QikPM?
How can I contact the company that created QikPM?
How can I start using QikPM?
Does QikPM have a free trial offer?
What does 'AI-powered user story generation' mean?
How can QikPM assist in improving collaboration in my team?
What benefits do I get from using QikPM?
Can QikPM keep track of my previous user stories?
Can QikPM spark my creativity in coming up with user story ideas?
What is the process to sign up for QikPM?
Are there any terms and conditions or privacy policies that I should be aware of before using QikPM?
Does QikPM offer any special features for product managers?
What does it mean when QikPM says it helps in 'focusing on value-added work'?


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