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Effortless AI Answering Service for Your Business
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Qlary AI is a tool designed to transform businesses by acting as an AI answering service. This tool seamlessly integrates into your business setup and aids in automating customer support hotlines.

It can be used standalone or alongside your existing support teams to address both resource and technical challenges. Qlary AI is flexible and adaptable, able to understand your business context, and can adjust accordingly based on the information provided about your products and services.

It can handle customer calls effectively, ensuring high relevance. It has the ability to adapt to specific needs, such as company protocols, product knowledge, or specialized service handling, and it derives its strength from custom AI personas that can be tweaked to fit advanced use cases.

Some of the key features include: real-time transcription, topic detection, summarization, and natural speech, handling of simultaneous calls, and automation of phone services.

It is designed for effective real-time interaction, mimicking conversations with human support agents. Note: While it offers SSL-encrypted calls for secure transactions, the capacity to connect with a live human agent varies from business to business.

Additionally, full call transcripts and audio recording are provisions available for future release.


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Qlary was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 8th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Seamless business integration
Acts as standalone or support
Understands business context
Real-time transcription feature
Topic detection capability
Summarization feature
Natural speech interaction
Handles simultaneous calls
Phone service automation
Adapts to company protocols
SSL-encrypted calls
Flexible adaptation to needs
Future provision for full call transcripts
Future provision for audio recording
Provisioned local number
Adaptable across industries
Secure transactions
Alerts for live human agent
Automated call handling
Capable of advanced use cases
Automated case processing
Provision for increased capacity
Knowledge sandbox integration
System integration capabilities
Customizable capacity
Automated reports and analytics
SSL-encrypted connections
Non-developers friendly setup
Multiple models for varied context
Multi-channel alerts
Scales for businesses of any size


Inconsistent human agent connection
No full transcript yet
No audio recording available
Can't verify caller identity
No model or API customization
Enterprise level integration required
No auto-action based on identity
On-call human agent availability varies
Limited to non-developers
Call latencies in real usage


What is Qlary AI?
How adaptable is Qlary AI to my business context?
Can Qlary AI understand company protocols and specific product knowledge?
What are the key features of Qlary AI?
How does Qlary AI handle customer calls?
Does Qlary AI offer real-time transcription?
Can Qlary AI handle simultaneous calls?
Is there a provision for complete call transcripts and audio recording with Qlary AI?
How secure are the calls processed by Qlary AI?
Can Qlary AI be used alongside my existing support team?
Is there a mobile application for Qlary AI?
How customizable are the AI personas in Qlary AI?
Can Qlary AI automatically connect to a live human agent?
How does Qlary AI integrate with my business?
Does Qlary AI offer topic detection and summarization?
What sort of business contexts can Qlary AI adapt to?
Can Qlary AI be refined for advanced use cases?
Does Qlary AI offer automation of phone services?
How does Qlary AI mimic conversation with human support agents?
Does Qlary AI offer specialised service handling?

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