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Platform for repurposing video content
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Qlip is an AI-powered productivity platform for video clipping that saves hours of time for creators looking to repurpose their long videos for TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts.

With Qlip's AI technology, you just have to select the highlights from your uploaded audio or video content, and the tool recommends the best ones based on machine learning that extracts semantically independent moments from your content.

Qlip also generates auto-edited clips that include colors, logo, and title, and you can post these on social media, embed them on your website/platform, or link them on email/sms.

Qlip's automatic repurposing allows for consistency in social scheduling with auto-generated engaging videos, helping you grow your audience across social media.

Qlip offers four pricing plans, including a free trial that lets you upload one hour of video for free, no credit card required. The Starter plan costs €30 per month and includes 50GB of storage, unlimited clips without watermarks, and email support for one user.

The Pro plan costs €50 per month and includes 100GB of storage, unlimited clips without watermarks, and live-call support for two users. The Expert plan costs €100 per month and includes 250GB of storage, unlimited clips without watermarks, and priority support for three users.

Qlip is used and appreciated by over 1000 creators including those on YouTube, podcasts, and livestreams.

Qlip was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 21st 2023.
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Oct 5, 2023
Jun 25, 2023
Promising. Refitting for other platforms isn't what we'd hoped but for a beginner test, ok. Sadly this one too has issues with audio and video being in sync. They weren't.

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Pros and Cons


Video shortening tool
Content repurposing
Highlights recommendation
Automated editing
Social media auto-posting
Website embedding feature
Email/SMS sharing feature
Consistency in social scheduling
Free trial available
Multiple pricing plans
Ideal for multiple users
1000+ user base
Easy sharing on social media
Machine learning driven
Auto-generated templated clips
Automatic logo, title addition
Massive storage options
Live-call support in higher plans
Priority support in Expert plan
Unlimited clips without watermarks
Extracts semantically independent moments
Saves hours for creators
No credit card required for trial
Supports both audio and video
Focus on original content repurposing
Automated cropping
Advantageous for content creators
Helps grow social media audience
Natural Language Processing techniques
Sentiment and topic modelling
Signal processing techniques
Automatically extracts point of attention
Popular among YouTube, podcast, livestream creators
Affordable extra-hour rates
Facilitates social scheduling
Facilitates high productivity
Quick video extract generation
Used and appreciated by creators
Multiple user support in plans
Efficient and time-saving
Easy to pick highlights


Only Supports Video/Audio Uploads
Limited Machine Learning Customization
Extraction Based On General Semantics
Limited Storage With Plans
Extra Costs For Added Hours
Limited Users Per Plan
Colors, Logo, Title Auto-Generated
No Option For Manual Edits
No Mobile Application Mentioned
Only Repurposes For Social Media


What is Qlip?
How does Qlip's AI technology work?
What is the process to create videos using Qlip?
Can Qlip be used to create content for social media platforms?
What kind of content can I upload to Qlip?
How are the video highlights selected by Qlip?
Can I embed Qlip videos on my website?
What are the pricing plans for Qlip?
What is included in the free trial of Qlip?
What features are included in Qlip's Pro plan?
How much video content can I upload with the Starter plan of Qlip?
Who typically uses Qlip?
Do I need a credit card to start the free trial with Qlip?
What happens if I exceed the upload limit in my Qlip plan?
Does Qlip auto-generate clips with my colors, logo and title?
What is the advantage of using Qlip over other video editing software?
What does 'semantically independent moments' mean in the context of Qlip?
Does Qlip offer any support or customer service?
Does Qlip keep consistency in social scheduling?
What aspect of my video does Qlip's AI consider when selecting highlights?

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