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Identify events, scenes, and objects in video editing.
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QMapper is an AI Video Analysis & Video Search Engine that revolutionizes video management by utilizing AI-driven video analytics. It enables users to swiftly locate specific events within videos, eliminating the need to sift through hours of footage.

QMapper's cutting-edge AI technology allows users to search the visual content of videos stored locally on HDDs, SSDs, NASs, and other drives, transforming them into searchable assets based on their visual content.

The platform's AI algorithm automatically tags and catalogs key events, subjects, and scenes, creating metadata for each video file. This empowers users to find specific footage with unrivaled speed and precision.

Video Editors can say goodbye to manually searching through hours of footage, as QMapper allows them to locate desired events, scenes, or objects within seconds.

QMapper seamlessly integrates into existing workflows, significantly boosting efficiency and productivity during video editing. It saves valuable time by eliminating the need to manually sift through hours of footage.

The platform is scalable, making it suitable for both local video projects and extensive media libraries. QMapper's AI technology recognizes not only objects but also scenes and sequences, generating comprehensive metadata that streamlines the process of locating specific footage.

Data security is a top priority for QMapper, and all uploaded videos are processed with the strictest confidentiality standards, ensuring that content remains safe and confidential.

The platform is designed with user-friendliness in mind, allowing users to navigate and use the tools without specialized training. QMapper uses Google's latest AI algorithm, trained on vast datasets, to achieve high levels of accuracy in object and scene detection.

The platform is optimized for efficiency and can handle videos of varying lengths, processing them swiftly without long wait times. Pricing is transparent and based on a tiered model, with no hidden costs.

Detailed tutorials and customer support are provided to assist users throughout their experience with QMapper.


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