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Insurance automation resulting in improved productivity.
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Quandri is a software company that builds digital workers, or bots, to help automate repetitive and time-consuming processes for insurance brokerages. The digital workers, which include Renewal Reviewer, eDoc Executive and Download Director, can carry out a wide range of tasks such as reviewing renewals, managing documents and downloading data.

By automating these tasks, Quandri's solutions can save brokerage teams valuable time, reduce the risk of human error, and increase efficiency and reliability.

Quandri aims to provide value to insurance brokerages by offering digital workers at a fraction of the cost of the current manual processes. Its services can be easily deployed into existing systems, enabling companies to leverage advanced automation and AI in a matter of weeks.

According to Quandri, its digital workers have helped automate high volume and repetitive processes, increasing productivity, and freeing up resources for value-producing activities while delivering results like 100% of digital workers producing positive ROI, 80% average cost savings per process, 10x faster completion, and 95% process completion rate.Overall, Quandri's solutions offer a reliable and affordable way to automate tedious and repetitive tasks, allowing insurance brokerages to focus on what's important while minimizing costs and improving efficiency.

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Pros and Cons


Insurance specific automation
Tailored digital workers
Improves productivity
Reduces human error
Increases process efficiency
Cost-effective automation
Easily integrates into existing systems
Quick deployment
Automates high volume tasks
Free resources for value-adding activities
Positive ROI
Significant cost savings
Faster process completion
High process completion rate
Offers Renewal Reviewer bot
Offers eDoc Executive bot
Offers Download Director bot
Address prevailing Insurtech issues
Reduces hiring needs
Reduces training costs


Limited to insurance industry
Requires existing systems
Integrations not specified
Fixed bot functionalities
Not Open Source
Deployment time unclear
High training cost
Potential for errors
Limited online support
Undefined scalability


What is Quandri?
What are Quandri's digital workers?
What tasks can the Quandri digital workers automate?
How does Quandri improve productivity?
Can Quandri be implemented into existing systems?
What are the names of specific digital workers that Quandri offers?
How much does the service from Quandri cost?
What is the ROI from using Quandri's digital workers?
What is the completion rate of tasks for Quandri's digital workers?
How much time can I save with Quandri?
What are the case studies of companies that use Quandri?
What is the Renewal Reviewer from Quandri?
What is the eDoc Executive from Quandri?
What is the Download Director from Quandri?
Was Quandri recognized with any industry awards?
How long does it take to deploy Quandri's digital workers?
How can I contact Quandri for more information?
How can Quandri benefit an insurance brokerage?
What issues can Quandri solve in an insurance brokerage?
Are there any client reviews or testimonials for Quandri?


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