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Automated workflows for multi-platforms; no coding.
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Questflow is a no-code workflow automation platform that uses artificial intelligence to automate tasks and transactions across various platforms, including both on-chain and off-chain.

The platform provides an intuitive, flow-based tool that anyone can use without coding or machine learning experience. Questflow offers a range of features that empower users to automate tasks, reduce costs, and increase efficiency.

Users can ask for a 1-click quest to accomplish on-going tasks or match with the best-performing AI workflow in the market based on performance and reviews.

Additionally, users can transform unstructured data into a structured format in text, voice, images, and more, with no code or ML experience required.

Questflow provides apps for all of your favorite services, allowing you to automate email workflows and generate database queries. The platform also allows users to customize AI agents and share them with others, fostering collaboration and innovation.

Users can earn passive income by monetizing their AI agents, which can be published on Questflow's marketplace, with no cost until actually using the workflow.

The platform offers a range of use cases, such as instant deposit notifications, automatic Twitter alerts, and employee onboarding in a DAO.

Questflow was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 26th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Automated multi-platform workflows
No coding required
Adaptable to on-chain, off-chain tasks
Flow-based intuitive tool
1-click questing feature
Unstructured data transformation capabilities
Supports text, voice, image data
Free-use until actual workflow execution
Workflow automation marketplace
Onboarding automations
Instant deposit notifications
Integrates with favorite apps
Task and email automation
Database query generation
Zero ML experience necessary
Use-case diversity
1-time or ongoing task automation
User-side fine-tuning ability
Free credits upon signup
Integration with HR, finance, operational tasks
Transforms unstructured data to structured format
Automated Smart Contract auditing
Workflow customization options
Record and transcribe voice meetings
Summarize meeting notes feature
Summarize text into infographic
Task, Text and Email automation
Ability to fork existing templates
Intuitive no-code editor
Scalable for individual and team use
Supports passive earning through creations
Turn expertise into sustainable revenue
Improved collaboration and innovation
Workflow matching based on performance
Automatic Twitter alerts


Limited workflow customization
Potential security concerns
Unpredictable workflow performance
Lack of transparency
Unknown data usage
Few integration options
Potential violation of user privacy
Requires sufficient ML knowledge


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