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Turn Slack into a knowledge base with generative AI
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Question Base is an artificial intelligence (AI) powered tool designed to automate responses to repetitive questions within Slack, a messaging platform.

Its main utility is to assist customer-facing teams such as sales and support by providing instantaneous, verified responses to frequently asked queries, potentially saving time and increasing productivity.

Question Base operates by learning from your chat history and creating a database of responses to commonly asked questions. The quality of the provided responses is maintained by subjecting the AI-generated draft answers to human verification processes.

In addition, Question Base allows you to control the content of the answers. This tool has the potential to reduce the dependence of the team on individuals for answers, automate the documentation process, and overall, streamline communication.

It ensures a quick response time and aims to help businesses avoid becoming a bottleneck, especially in startup environments.

Question Base was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 5th 2023.
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Jun 17, 2023
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Pros and Cons


Instant answers in Slack
Reduces dependency on experts
Generates answers organically
Surfaces existing knowledge
Designed for hybrid work
Minimal onboarding required
Answers within 3 seconds
Suggests related questions
Free beta period
30 day no commitment trial
Integration in Slack channels
Edits possible on answers
Sautomatically curates knowledge
No change in user habits
Promote a culture of learning
Reduce work interruptions
Usable for any questions
Generates answers using GPT-3
Posts questions for team experts
Accuracy relies on channel data
Questions handled silently & automatically
Adapts to richer Question Base


Currently in beta
Future pricing uncertain
Limited to Slack integration
Answer accuracy depends on channel
Dependent on frequent utilization
Limited to 5 context questions
No manual user intervention
Doesn't handle unknown questions well
No on-premise version
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