ChatGPT for Slack 2023-01-05
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Team knowledge base from Slack conversations.
Generated by ChatGPT

Question Base is a tool that helps teams make the most of their Slack channels by turning them into a knowledge base with generative AI. It uses Open AI technology to detect when a question has been asked and generate answers quickly by using the existing information in a Slack channel.

It also helps to surface valuable insights from existing conversations and reduce dependencies on experts, as people get answers within 3 seconds. Question Base is currently in beta and is free, with pricing to be announced in 2023.

To use, it requires little to no onboarding: simply add the bot to the channels you want it to answer in and it will curate your knowledge. If it can't answer a question, it will suggest up to 5 questions that are of close context.

It is designed for hybrid work, to reduce dependencies, surface key insights, amp up productivity, and find answers quickly.


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Jun 17, 2023
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Pros and Cons


Instant answers in Slack
Reduces dependency on experts
Generates answers organically
Surfaces existing knowledge
Designed for hybrid work
Minimal onboarding required
Answers within 3 seconds
Suggests related questions
Free beta period
30 day no commitment trial
Integration in Slack channels
Edits possible on answers
Sautomatically curates knowledge
No change in user habits
Promote a culture of learning
Reduce work interruptions
Usable for any questions
Generates answers using GPT-3
Posts questions for team experts
Accuracy relies on channel data
Questions handled silently & automatically
Adapts to richer Question Base


Currently in beta
Future pricing uncertain
Limited to Slack integration
Answer accuracy depends on channel
Dependent on frequent utilization
Limited to 5 context questions
No manual user intervention
Doesn't handle unknown questions well
No on-premise version


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