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Generate questions for tests and quizzes quickly.
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QuestionAid is an AI tool that generates questions from any text. With this tool, users can create questions within minutes by simply inputting any text.

The tool generates a set of questions and distractors that can be used as a quiz or exported to a Learning Management System (LMS) such as Moodle or Kahoot.

QuestionAid offers a flexible pricing structure that allows users to buy only what they need at the moment, without having to subscribe to a plan. The prices range from €14.99 for 10 credits to €89.00 for 100 credits.

Each credit corresponds to a certain number of questions or distractors, which varies according to the size of the plan chosen. The tool is designed to be user-friendly, allowing anyone to use it.

It is suitable for educators who need to create quizzes for their students or anyone who needs to assess knowledge on a particular topic. QuestionAid is offered by Hecht + Marciniak GbR, a German company.

The tool is made with consideration for privacy, and the company provides information on their privacy policy, terms, and imprint on their website. With its easy-to-use interface and flexible pricing structure, QuestionAid is a useful tool for generating questions quickly and efficiently from any text.


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Pros and Cons


Generates questions quickly
Creates distractors
Export to LMS
Flexible pricing
No subscription needed
Privacy conscious
Suits educators
Use any text input
Cost per question reduces
Germany based
Clear privacy policy
Good for large quizzes
Question and distractor packages
Option for invoice payment
Option for cost quote


Not subscription-based
No free version
Limited export options
Dependent on text quality
Pricing per credit
Lack of advanced settings
Requires purchase for use
Limited features for customization
No multi-language support


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What are the price ranges for QuestionAid?
What does each credit correspond to in QuestionAid?
Is QuestionAid user-friendly?
What's the maximum number of questions or distractors that can I generate with QuestionAid?
Is QuestionAid suitable only for educational purposes?
Who offers the QuestionAid tool?
Where is Hecht + Marciniak GbR located?
What's the privacy policy of QuestionAid?
Is the interface of QuestionAid easy to use?
Does QuestionAid have a free trial?
Can I get an invoice for my purchase of credits in QuestionAid?
What kind of text can I input in QuestionAid?
Can I share the questions generated by QuestionAid as a quiz?
Can QuestionAid help assess knowledge on a specific topic?

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