Youtube video Q&A 2023-06-16
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Q&A for YouTube video descriptions.
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Question YouTube is an AI tool that allows users to ask questions about a YouTube video they are watching by submitting the video URL. The tool utilizes an AI-powered ChatGPT interface that can comprehend and analyze the video's transcript, enabling it to provide users with accurate answers to their questions.

The AI model behind the tool has a large language model capacity (LLM) of 16,000 contexts, allowing it to handle approximately an hour of video content without any problems.

To use the tool, users can either submit the video URL via the Question YouTube website or append the word "question" to the YouTube URL. Both desktop and mobile URLs are compatible with the tool.

Once the AI model analyzes the video's transcription, the ChatGPT interface will provide users with the appropriate answers based on their queries. Question YouTube is a time-saving tool that can be particularly helpful for users who need to acquire specific information from YouTube videos quickly.

For instance, researchers or students may find the tool useful when studying and taking notes on video lectures. Overall, Question YouTube provides a simple and accessible way to retrieve information and insights from YouTube videos using AI technology.

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Pros and Cons


Accurate answers
Analyzes video transcripts
Large language model capacity
Handles hour-long videos
Accessible via website
Compatible with desktop and mobile URLs
Applicable for academic research
Simple and user-friendly interface
Append 'question' to YouTube URL
Unified ChatGPT interface


Limited to YouTube videos
No natural language comprehension
Dependent on video transcript
Limited context capacity
May struggle with accents
Ineffective for visual content
Mobile URL usage complexity
Requires manual URL submission
No support for live videos
Cannot handle videos >1h


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How fast does Question YouTube provide the answers to my queries?


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