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Business and personal conversational assistant.
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QuickGPT is a tool that provides easy access to ChatGPT, a conversational artificial intelligence system, developed by OpenAI. QuickGPT can be accessed from the menu bar, the Dock, or through a keyboard shortcut.

The tool has been developed by Sindre Sorhus, a programmer, and developer who has a successful track record of creating open-source software. QuickGPT's main selling point is its ease of access to ChatGPT, which can be used by businesses for customer support or as a personal assistant.

The tool is designed to save time by eliminating the need to open a web browser and search for ChatGPT. It also offers user convenience, as users can access ChatGPT from any application without leaving the window they are currently working in.In terms of its functionality, QuickGPT is not an AI system itself but simply provides access to ChatGPT.

ChatGPT is a highly advanced language model, capable of generating human-like responses, and has been making waves in the field of natural language processing.

Overall, QuickGPT is a simple and efficient tool for accessing ChatGPT, and it is targeted towards professionals or individuals who use ChatGPT frequently.

Its easy access feature makes it an excellent addition to a multitasking workflow and saves time, ensuring that users can get quick responses from ChatGPT without any delay.

QuickGPT was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 12th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Easy access to ChatGPT
Accessible from menu bar
Accessible from Dock
Accessible through keyboard shortcut
Developed by proven developer
Useful for business support
Useful as personal assistant
Eliminates need for web browser
In-app access from any application
Saves time
Great for multitasking workflow
Quick responses from ChatGPT
Real-time support
Direct access to advanced language model
Highly advanced responses
Designed for frequent ChatGPT users
Hassle-free app navigation
Does not disrupt current work
Ideal for professionals
High-quality customer interaction
Single point access to ChatGPT
Streamlines customer support process
Integrates into daily workflow
Efficient tool for accessing ChatGPT
Reduces operational delay
Useful in natural language processing
Supports human-like conversation
Improves customer engagement
Promotes efficient remote work
Promotes efficient digital communication
Enhances productivity
Minimal learning curve
Reliable results from ChatGPT
Plugins not required
Improves customer service efficiency


Limited to ChatGPT access
No built-in responses
No customization options
No API access
Developer-dependent updates
No multilingual support
Lacks advanced user settings
No in-tool analytics
No integration capabilities


What is QuickGPT?
Who developed QuickGPT?
How do I access QuickGPT?
What are the key features of QuickGPT?
How does QuickGPT work?
Is QuickGPT an AI system?
Who is the target audience for QuickGPT?
How can QuickGPT benefit businesses?
How is QuickGPT different from ChatGPT?
Can I use QuickGPT as a personal assistant?
What makes QuickGPT a useful addition to my multitasking workflow?
What is the connection between QuickGPT and OpenAI's ChatGPT?
Is QuickGPT a standalone tool or does it require ChatGPT to function?
What role does Sindre Sorhus play in the development of QuickGPT?
Can QuickGPT be used for customer support?
How can QuickGPT save me time?
Is it possible to access ChatGPT from any application using QuickGPT?
How quick is the response time when using QuickGPT?
What is the significance of QuickGPT in the field of natural language processing?
Does QuickGPT offer any support options for users?

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