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Automated social media and content creation.
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Quickie is an AI multitool extension that helps users get more done faster. It offers a variety of A.I. applets to unlock "super powers" and automate mundane tasks.

With the Quickie extension, users can instantly generate Facebook ad audiences, name Instagram accounts, convert text to speech, summarize YouTube videos, expand short tweets, find song lyrics, generate product copy, draft press releases, and create their own custom quickies using prompts and inputs.

Quickie is designed to be useful for a wide range of users, including social media creators, entrepreneurs, students, copywriters, filmmakers, songwriters, marketers, web designers, power users, and educators.

Quickie offers a free version with one quickie credit, the ability to roll for free credits daily, up to three custom quickies, and access to their affiliates.

They also offer monthly and unlimited plans that include unlimited quickies, the ability to save quickie results, and unlimited custom quickies. Each plan also comes with a privacy policy.

Quickie was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 11th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Generates Facebook ad audiences
Names Instagram accounts
Converts text to speech
Summarizes YouTube videos
Expands short tweets
Finds song lyrics
Generates product copy
Drafts press releases
Creates custom quickies
Wide user range
Free version available
Daily free credits
Allows three custom quickies
Affiliate access
Monthly plan available
Unlimited plan available
Unlimited quickies in paid plans
Save quickie results
Unlimited custom quickies in paid plans
Offers privacy policy
Shortcuts creation
Contextual A.I. applets


Limited free version
No API mentioned
Pay for unlimited uses
No collaborative features
Privacy concerns
No offline access
Missing workflows integrations
No advanced text editing
Not open-source
Unspecific target audience


What is Quickie?
What does the Quickie extension do?
Who can benefit from using Quickie?
What kind of tasks can Quickie automate?
Can Quickie generate Facebook ad audiences?
What sort of features does Quickie offer for Instagram?
Can Quickie convert text to speech?
What are Quickie's capabilities in relation to YouTube?
How can Quickie help me with Twitter?
Does Quickie have a feature for song lyrics?
Can Quickie help me generate product copy?
How does Quickie assist in writing press releases?
What are custom quickies in the context of the Quickie tool?
What is the pricing for Quickie?
What benefits are given to users of free version?
What additional features do monthly and unlimited plans of Quickie offer?
Can I save quickie results in the paid version?
Is there a daily limit on the usage of Quickie?
Does Quickie have a privacy policy?
Does Quickie have an affiliate program?


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