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Your new AI powered cold outreach assistant.
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Quicklines is an Artificial Intelligence-powered tool designed to enhance the effectiveness and scalability of cold email campaigns. It serves as an automated outreach assistant that takes charge of personalized email writing through intelligent first-line generation.

The tool leverages data from a prospect's LinkedIn profile, providing relevant and accurate information to create authentic and engaging initial lines for your emails.

The core aim of Quicklines is to facilitate more successful cold email conversations by increasing response rates. The AI writes first lines that resonate with recipients, thereby improving reply rates and filling your pipeline with interested leads.

In addition, Quicklines eliminates the hassles and frustrations of manual data management, thus saving time and making your outreach operations more efficient.

The tool's operations are streamlined and user-friendly, comprising processes such as uploading outreach lists via LinkedIn URLs or CSV files, and obtaining personalized first lines for outgoing emails.

Ultimately, Quicklines is not just an AI tool; it's a strategic solution for businesses seeking to grow their lead generation and customer acquisition efforts through well-personalized cold outreach.


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Apr 19, 2024
If this a joke, it's not funny matey.

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Pros and Cons


Lifetime access for $59
300 monthly credits
In-depth social scraping
High response rate
90% success on first-lines
Enterprise solutions available
Unused credits roll over
Automated personalized email writing
LinkedIn data extraction
Effective lead generation
Efficient customer acquisition
Boosted email reply rates
Hassle-free data management
Time-saving operations
Streamlined, user-friendly processes
CSV file compatibility
LinkedIn URL data uploading
400% increased replies
40x faster than humans
6x cheaper than humans
Successful for 1,000+ businesses
LinkedIn profile data utilization
Natural, engaging email lines
Improves outreach efficiency
Scalable cold outreach
Free cold email course


Only LinkedIn data extraction
300 credits limitation
One-time fee model
No option for more credits
Limited integration options
Relies heavily on LinkedIn
Unspecified processing time for CSV uploads
Doesn't mention multi-language support


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