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QuillBot: AI writing companion

The essential AI writing companion
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QuillBot’s AI writing tools support you from first drafts to final edits. QuillBot helps with paraphrasing, grammar checking, plagiarism checking, summarizing, translation, and more.

Their Paraphraser offers 8 predefined modes and unlimited Custom modes. Additionally, QuillBot offers an AI co-writer called QuillBot Flow. Here, you can use all tools at once, plus enjoy enhanced research, text generation, and more.

QuillBot also has numerous extensions and apps, so you can use it anywhere. So far, QuillBot has helped 35+ million writers worldwide save time and write better.

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Pros and Cons


Paraphrasing capabilities
Grammar checking capabilities
Assisted research
Generative AI features
Summarizer feature
Citation Generator feature
Plagiarism Checker feature
AI Detection feature
Translation feature
Paraphrasing for clarity
Helps edit text
Changes text tone
Two free modes (Standard and Fluency)
Six additional predefined Premium modes (INSERT HERE)
Unlimited Custom Premium modes
Control over synonym usage
Can prevent specific terms from changing
Customizable outputs
Compare writing styles
Access history
Drop-down thesaurus feature
Integrates with Chrome
Integrates with MS Word
Integrates with Gmail
Integrates with Google Docs
Integrates with websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc
Integrates with apps like Notes, Slack, Notion
Mobile app
Desktop app
Fast and easy to use
Rephrases sentences, paragraphs, essays
Improves writing speed
Works in 23 languages
US, UK, CA, AU English dialects
Improves fluency and vocabulary
Indicates word count
Indicates percentage change
Keeps meaning of input
Rewrites professionally
Immediate paraphrasing
Some features available without login
Most features available for free
No ads
Cloud storage
Useful for students and professionals
Useful for multiple writing projects
Data from billions of sources
Prevents misuse of words
Offers feedback and explanations
Offers high-level overviews
Crafts full and in-text citations
Ability to organize bibliographies
1000 citation styles, including APA, MLA, and Chicago


Some character limits on free accounts
Only two free modes (Standard and Fluency)
No offline usage
Some tools Premium only
Must log in to use some features
No human proofreading services


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What platforms can Quillbot be used on?
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How does QuillBot's AI-powered thesaurus work?
Does QuillBot provide assistance with different English dialects?
What additional resources does QuillBot offer to help with the writing process?

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