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Platform for creating videos for business purposes.
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Quinvio AI is an AI-assisted platform for quickly creating videos for a variety of use cases. It provides users with AI suggestions to help them create an outline of ideas and improve their writing performance.

They can also rephrase their video script with an intuitive editor and pick an AI spokesperson to present their video. Quinvio AI is suitable for creating microlearning content, presentations, HR onboarding, and marketing.

It can be quickly shared, downloaded, or embedded to a site. For more information, users can book a meeting with the founders to discuss their business needs.

Quinvio AI also provides contact information for social media, website, and blog.


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Quinvio AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 31st 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Quick video creation
Writing performance enhancement
Intuitive video script editor
Multiple use cases
Perfect for microlearning
Ideal for HR onboarding
Great for marketing videos
Embedded site sharing
Quick share and download
Founder meetings for guidance
Available contact via socials
Outline idea assistance
Encourages idea expansion
Script rephrasing capability
Suggested template availability
Individual script finalizing
Wide range avatar selection
Language and style customization
Speedy content roll-out
Easy-to-understand content generation
Wider audience reach
New employee training facilitator
Effective audience engagement
Content promotion option


Can't customize avatars
No multi-language support
Limited video editing options
Lacks real-time collaboration
Limited template suggestions
No free version available
Unavailable on mobile devices
No offline functionality


What is Quinvio AI?
How does Quinvio AI assist in making video presentations?
What sort of suggestions can Quinvio AI provide?
What is the function of the intuitive editor in Quinvio AI?
Who are the AI spokespersons in Quinvio AI?
How does Quinvio AI help in content creation for microlearning?
How can business presentations benefit from using Quinvio AI?
How can Quinvio AI aid HR onboarding processes?
How does Quinvio AI enhance marketing strategies?
How can I share the videos created using Quinvio AI?
What do I do if I want more information about Quinvio AI?
How can I get in touch with the founders of Quinvio AI?
Is there a trial version of Quinvio AI that I can try before purchasing?
Does Quinvio AI offer any discounts or promotions?
How can Quinvio AI help improve my writing performance?
Can I embed the videos created using Quinvio AI to my site?
What types of avatars can I select as my spokesperson in Quinvio AI?
Can I customize the language and speaking style of the AI spokesperson on Quinvio AI?
What is the process to use Quinvio AI?
What kind of uses does Quinvio AI cater to?

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