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Generate MCQs and flashcards in seconds with AI.
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Quiz Wizard is a dynamic AI-based tool determined to revolutionize the way educational content, particularly quizzes, are created. Equipped with the ability to create multiple-choice questions (MCQs), flashcards, and theory sheets on any chosen topic, Quiz Wizard offers an excellent solution for teachers and educators alike.

By simply entering the topic of choice, Quiz Wizard takes the helm by formulating unique questions and answers speedily, saving users incredible amounts of time and effort.

Useful across various domains, from languages to sciences, this tool provides the possibility of generating personalized training content. This translates into more effective ways of teaching, providing more value to both educators and students.

The tool's potency lies in its unique AI capabilities that enable it to extract and process critical information on a myriad of topics to construct compelling questions.

Joining the beta program not only introduces users to the innovative world of AI in teaching, but it also gives them a firsthand experience of how AI can reshape the way education is delivered today.

The elimination of marketing speak and buzzwords makes Quiz Wizard a standout tool in an unbiased, straightforward portrayal of what AI can accomplish in the educational sector.

Quiz Wizard was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 7th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Generates MCQs quickly
Creates flashcards instantly
Personalized training content
Flexible for any topic
Enhances knowledge bases
Positive testimonials from users
Straightforward usage
Rapid question and answer generation
Beta program for testing
Available in English and French
Encourages new use cases
Timesaving for educators
Applicable across subjects
Helps with language learning
Assists in science education
Promotes game-based learning
Boosts student engagement
Generates theory sheets
Eliminates marketing buzzwords
Extracts and processes information
Efficiently constructs questions
Accessible login and registration
Campaign on Product Hunt
Produces quality theory sheets
Multi-purpose educational tool
Versatile for different courses
Relevant for medical education
Conducive for linguistic studies
Inclusive for scientific studies
Time-efficient tool for teachers
Revolutionizing quiz creation
Promoting effective teaching methods
Promoting student-tailored learning


Limited to English and French
No mobile app
No API integration
No user customization
Only creates MCQs
Only available in Beta
No built-in scoring
Text-only content
Promotions on Product Hunt (potential for saturation)
No offline functionality


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In what way does Quiz Wizard revolutionize the creation of educational content?
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