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Speedily generated quizzes and tests questions.
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Quizbot is an AI-powered question generation tool that enables users to create high-quality written content quickly and easily. The software uses advanced algorithms and machine learning to generate unique and engaging questions in various formats such as multiple choice, true/false, fill in the blanks, short answer and Bloom's Taxonomy.

Quizbot includes evaluation templates for Bloom's Taxonomy and allows users to customize the tone and style of their questions. One of the key features of Quizbot is its ability to batch generate high-quality Bloom's Taxonomy questions, making it an ideal tool for test, quiz, or homework preparation.

The software also includes a built-in plagiarism checker for peace of mind, ensuring that the content generated is copyright-free.Users have access to multiple export formats such as CSV, DOCX and PDF.

The Quizbot software is user-friendly and intuitive, and users do not require any special technical skills to use it. Quizbot is available in multiple languages, and users can choose from different pricing packages based on their needs.

The software is suitable for a variety of use cases, such as research, language learning, entertainment, and more. Overall, Quizbot is a valuable AI tool for teachers, content creators, and anyone who needs to prepare engaging questions efficiently.


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Pros and Cons


Generates unique questions
Supports multiple question formats
Inbuilt plagiarism checker
Multiple export formats
Available in multiple languages
Variety of pricing packages
Batch generate Bloom's Taxonomy questions
No technical skills required
Customizable tone and style
Applicable to various use cases
Excel at test preparation
Multiple-choice template
Short answer template
Fill-in-the-blanks template
True/False question template
Can generate from text, link, video
Calculation questions template
Compatible with Bloom's Taxonomy
Inbuild copyright generator
Templates for homework creation
Edit, save, export instantly
User-friendly interface
High-quality content generation
Generates copyright-free content
Creates high-quality Bloom's Taxonomy questions
Supports different assessment methods
Offers free trial with words credits
Several plans for different characters limits
Access different tones in higher plans
Access multiple languages in higher plans
Different levels of support in plans
Supports data privacy
Trustworthy tool with school and college patrons
Generates coherent & grammatically correct content
Promises high accuracy
Works on any device
Export in CSV and DOCX formats
Saves time
Improves quality of writing
Reduces writing stress
Export in PDF format
Generate tests in seconds
Instantly load accounts with word credits


No mobile application
Limited customizability
Effectiveness dependent on input quality
No instant content editing
No unlimited characters
No mention of offline use
Testing tools not explicit
Lacks advanced support options
No free tier mentioned
Limited languages and tones


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In which languages is Quizbot available?
Can Quizbot generate Bloom's Taxonomy questions in batches?
How quickly can Quizbot generate questions?
Can Quizbot customize the tone and style of questions?
What are the different pricing packages for Quizbot?
Can anyone use Quizbot without any special technical skills?
What are the use cases for Quizbot?
Where can I access the Quizbot software?
Does Quizbot come with a free trial?
Which institutions trust Quizbot for question generation?
What is the procedure to review, export, and publish questions with Quizbot?
How many characters of content can I generate with the best pricing package?
What kinds of customer support are available with the different pricing packages of Quizbot?

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