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Quiz Solver is an AI-based tool designed to help users find answers to their quizzes and homework instantaneously. This tool, available as a Chrome extension, allows students to improve their academic performance by detecting and solving multiple-choice questions from a wide range of quiz platforms.

Users can initiate the tool by launching any quiz or assignment from a supported website or a Learning Management System (LMS), letting Quiz Solver's advanced solver guide them towards the correct answers.

In addition to this, Quiz Solver ensures user privacy via data encryption techniques that safeguard user identity. The tool is also notable for its universal compatibility, being able to adapt to any quiz platform globally, and can be deployed for use across various websites, such as LinkedIn, Codingame, Quora, LeetCode, OpenClassrooms, and StackOverflow.

There are multiple subscription plans available, offering different packages of knowledge support and the number of answers per month. Quiz Solver guarantees superior accuracy by leveraging the powerful GPT-4 model, supplemented with specialised algorithms and a broad database.

QuizSolver was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 24th 2024.
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Jun 22, 2024
Rated it
I already tested this tool, actually comparing to the other quiz solvers , this one is the best. It detectes images and math signs algebra and geometry.
Jun 2, 2024
Rated it
Im a student, the app helped me on quizzes and homework so much faster. the QuickSnap feature is amazing for math problems. Plus, the free version offers so much! Definitely recommend this to any student wanting to make study time easier.
Apr 8, 2024
Rated it
Just discovered QuizSolver
Mar 31, 2024
Rated it
Quiz Solver AI has revolutionized my academic journey! With its Chrome extension, I effortlessly find answers to quizzes and assignments from various platforms. The privacy measures and accuracy are unparalleled. Highly recommend!

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Pros and Cons


Chrome extension
Improves academic performance
Detects and solves quizzes
Supports multiple quiz platforms
Compatible with any LMS
Advanced solver
Data encryption for privacy
Universal compatibility
Works on LinkedIn, Codingame etc.
Subscription plans available
Different knowledge support packages
Superior accuracy using GPT-4
Specialised algorithms
Broad database
Multitude of LMS support
Number of answers per month
Included in various subscription packages
Identity safeguarding
Instant quiz detection
Fast answer delivery
Quick study tool
Complement learning journey
Different subscription options
Regular software updates
Early access to updates
Email and chat support
Regular bonus surprises
Increased accuracy over ChatGPT
Cutting-edge encryption techniques
Possibility to promote tool
Answer credits for promotion
Easy quiz launching
Direct answers for quizzes
Instant priority support
Possible unlimited answers
Increased intelligence assistance
Enhanced knowledge support


Limited to Chrome extension
Subscription required for support
Paid subscription for more answers
No API offered
No guaranteed response time for support
Possible inconsistency across quiz platforms
Not all websites may be supported
Limited to multiple-choice questions
Limited to supported LMS and websites
Costly for unlimited answers


What is QuizSolver?
How does QuizSolver work?
How can I integrate QuizSolver into my browser?
What quiz platforms are compatible with QuizSolver?
How does QuizSolver maintain user privacy?
Can QuizSolver be used on LinkedIn, Codingame, Quora, LeetCode, OpenClassrooms, and StackOverflow?
What subscription plans does QuizSolver offer?
What AI technology does QuizSolver use?
How many answers per month do the different subscription plans offer?
How can I start using QuizSolver?
How quickly does QuizSolver solve quizzes?
What ensures the accuracy of QuizSolver's solutions?
Which Learning Management Systems (LMS) are supported by QuizSolver?
How is the GPT-4 model utilized in QuizSolver?
Is QuizSolver suitable for multiple-choice questions?
What data encryption techniques are employed by QuizSolver for privacy protection?
Can I access QuizSolver from any global location?
How extensive is QuizSolver's algorithms and database?
Do I need technical skills to use QuizSolver?
What type of support is available with each QuizSolver subscription plan?

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