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RapportBuilder is software designed to enhance conversationally focused interactions such as meetings, consulting, or interviews. It works by gathering information from publicly accessible sources on social media and news platforms about a person, their company, and their industry.

This might include details like company updates, industry trends, personal interests, and others. After data compilation, this tool then processes the details into an easily digestible report that can guide the user in their discussions.

The report also comes with suggested questions and icebreakers to help users make a strong impression and build trust swiftly. To ensure data accuracy, RapportBuilder employs sophisticated algorithms, corroborates details with multiple sources, and only extracts current, pertinent and publicly available data.

It also limits data usage per user through a credit system where each lookup costs 1 credit. The service offers exhaustive user-support, assuring a response to all inquiries within 24 hours.

The company prioritises data privacy and security, utilising industry-standard encryption methods and rigorous data handling strategies. While currently a web-based platform, there are ongoing considerations for a mobile application to enhance user experience.


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RapportBuilder was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 3rd 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Public data analysis
Social media data extraction
News data extraction
Detailed report generation
Suggested questions and icebreakers
Data verification with multiple sources
Extraction of current data
Credit system for fair usage
Fast user-support response
Prioritizes data privacy
Industry-standard encryption
Rigorous data handling
Conversation enhancer
Helps in building trust
Helps in making impressions
Corporate intelligence
Interview preparation tool
Business meeting support
Web-based platform
Mobile application consideration
Publicly available data extraction


Limited to web platform
No mobile application available
Credit system limits usage
No credit rollover or refunds
Can hit daily capacity
Can't transfer or share credits
Public data sources only
Possible data accuracy issues
Free trial only 3 credits
Credits use-it-or-lose-it policy


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What is the response time for support inquiries?
How does RapportBuilder handle data privacy and security?
What are the plans for a RapportBuilder mobile application?
What are the purposes of the suggested questions and icebreakers in the RapportBuilder report?
How does RapportBuilder contribute to conversation enhancement?
What publicly available data does RapportBuilder extract?
Are there any data usage limitations per user?
Does RapportBuilder offer team discounts or plans?
Can you explain the cost structure of RapportBuilder?
How can I reach out to RapportBuilder for queries or support?
How reliable is the information provided by RapportBuilder?
Does RapportBuilder have a refund policy for unused credits?
How frequently does RapportBuilder update its data?
How does RapportBuilder help in building trust in conversations?

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