Video subtitles 2023-03-13
Automated video localization in multiple languages.
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The Leading AI Video Localization Tool by DeepCake Localization is an AI-powered platform designed to provide a fast and efficient video dubbing and translation service.

The tool automates the localization of video content in various languages, including Chinese, French, English, and many others. The platform offers voice-over, captioning, and subtitling features that can be used for various purposes, including employee and customer training, marketing, YouTube multi-language audio, content creation and distribution, and education videos, among others.

The platform is suitable for different professionals, including content creators, businesses, EdTech, and L&D and human resources. The AI technology leveraged by the platform ensures faster localization times, lower costs, and higher accuracy compared to traditional manual translation services.

The tool supports various languages, and new languages can be added upon request. Users can enjoy a 14-day free trial of the service, and there is no charge until the free trial period has expired.

The platform is designed to provide a fully automated service without the need for translation agencies or other products that might increase the cost of the service.


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Aug 1, 2023
Hello friends ka maza hai kya baat hai kya
Jul 14, 2023
starts in 59$mo

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Pros and Cons


Supports multiple languages
Offers video dubbing
Provides translation service
Features voice-over
Automated localization
Fast localization times
Lower costs
High accuracy
Adaptable to new languages
14-day free trial
Designed for different professionals
No translation agencies needed
Cheaper than manual services
Can reach larger audiences
Automated voiceover generation
Creates human-like voiceover
Subtitle generation
Various use cases
Built for different roles
Supports broad range of languages
Fully automated service
Supports varied content types
Allows language selection
Variety of pricing plans
Integrated payment system
Automatic video translation
Benefits content creators
Automates localization workflows
Saves time and effort
Can automate subtitle creation
Functions as dubbing tool
Content creation and distribution
Great for educational videos
Ideal for market creative's localization
Delivers professional-quality voiceover
Produces highly accurate translations
Eliminates need for voice actors
Convenient process for translation
Works for Employee and Customers training
Possible to change plan anytime
Editable account settings
Subscription cancelation available
Credit extension option
In-app receipt feature


Limited infrastructure capacity
Issues during high demand
Manual language addition requests
Possible lack of tone consistency
Interface not specified
Unspecified system compatibility
14-days trial only
Unverifiable partner claims
Unspecified data security measures
Possible delay in receipts


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Can I request for a new language to be added in Rask?
Is there a free trial available for Rask?
When will I be charged after the free trial period on Rask?
Can I change my subscription plan anytime on Rask?
How can professionals like those in EdTech benefit from using Rask?
Can I cancel my Rask subscription anytime?
How does the voiceover feature work in Rask?
How does Rask ensure the translation's faithfulness to the original content?
How does Rask help in localizing YouTube Multi-Language audio?
What is the process for localizing a video using Rask?
How does it work with the credits on Rask?
Does Rask provide receipts for my transactions?
What are the payment methods Rask accepts?
How is Rask different from traditional manual translation services?


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