Video subtitles 2024-06-17
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Revolutionizing video localization & dubbing with AI.
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The AI Video Localization & Dubbing tool is an advanced artificial intelligence-powered solution aimed to facilitate and streamline the process of video translation and dubbing.

It negates the need for hiring expensive human translators and attempts to deliver equally efficient performance. The tool has a wide range of applications including but not limited to, education videos, marketing, YouTube multi language audio, content creation and distribution, employee & customer training, explainer videos, children content, game development, and sales videos.

The core features of this tool comprise Rask Shorts, transcribing YouTube videos, video translation, transcription and conversion of video to text, adding subtitles, audio translation, transcription for podcasts, text-to-speech functionality, conversion of audio to text, and adding subtitles to MP4.

It also offers the ability to add SRT to MP4 files. The powerful translation feature provides extensive support for various languages from Spanish to English, French to English, Arabic to Hindi, and many more, making this tool adaptable for global video content creators.

Its goal is to ensure a seamless and effective video localization and dubbing experience across multiple sectors, thereby reducing cost and time while enhancing accessibility and reach.


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Aug 1, 2023
Hello friends ka maza hai kya baat hai kya
Jul 14, 2023
starts in 59$mo

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Pros and Cons


Fast video dubbing
Multiple language support
Voice-over feature
Offers captioning
Subtitling feature
Ideal for content creators
Ideal for businesses
Useful for EdTech
Useful for HR
Features text-to-speech
Transcription service
Conversion from audio to text
Supports podcast transcription
Provides translation of YouTube multi-language audio
Efficient for game development
Useful for children content
Multi-functional for marketing endeavors
14-day free trial
Request for additional languages
Automatic video translation
Video to text conversion
Adding subtitles to MP4
Subtitle SRT to MP4
Addition of subtitles
Audio translation
Streamlines video translation
Reduces costs
Natural human-like dubbing
Transcription of YouTube videos
Wide range of use cases
Automated transcription
Enables creation of Shorts
Support for varied languages
Available API
Automated localization at scale
Accelerated audio & video production
Automatic generation of viral shorts
Automatic addition of captions
Features voiceclone
Multi-speaker detection
Lip-sync match for translated audio
Realistic accents and intonations
Auto-generation of content from text prompts
Support for 130+ languages
Enterprise feature support


Requires internet access
Requires free trial signup
Lacks customization options
No offline mode
Potential language nuances lost
Accuracy depends on input quality
Depends on clear audio input
Lip-syncing might not be perfect
Automated subtitles may be flawed


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