Character creation 2024-03-09
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Broadcast your AI creation to the world.
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RE-ME is an AI tool designed to help users broadcast their AI creations to the world. The main feature of the platform is the creation of interactive digital characters using a photograph and a few seconds of audio.

Users can customize a digital replica of themselves, adjusting voice and style for a personalized outcome. In addition to character creation, users also have access to a new form of analytics gleaned from real conversations, contributing to scale and learning capabilities.

The simplicity of the process ensures that users, whether they are educators, realtors, influencers, or celebrities, can bring their characters to life easily with just a few simple steps.

The diverse use-cases make this tool versatile in nature, providing vast exploratory possibilities. The platform offers limited early access as part of their beta program.

Belonging to REMECLONES, INC, the service operates under their established terms of service, privacy policy, and DNS notice, ensuring all user interactions are governed by standard regulations.


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Pros and Cons


Interactive digital characters
Uses photograph and audio
Character voice customization
Character style customization
Easy process
Versatile use-cases
Accessible to various professions
Early beta access
Regulation-compliant interactions
Versatility use-cases
Potential in real estate
Ideal for social media
Good for education sector
Personalized digital replica
Limited early access
Real conversations analytics
Simplicity of process
Cameo meets Midjourney feature
Diverse functionality
Analytic learning capabilities
Effective broadcasting
Personal outcome adjustment
Scale and learning contribution
Scale conversations & learn
Possibilities are endless
Hundreds of use-cases
Advanced character creation
Informative contact options
Apply for beta
Style and personality control
Ease of character life
Potential celebrity use
Clear terms of service
Detailed privacy policy
Defined DNS notices
Categorized feature list
Social media influence potential
Works as influencer tool
Operates under set regulations
Use-based application
Vast exploratory possibilities
Impression customization
Voice and style adjustability
Digital replica personalization
Operations standardization
Real conversations-based learning


Limited early access
No API mentioned
Customization may be complex
Dependent on user images/voice
Usage terms may be strict
Broadcasting capabilities unclear
Unproven analytics feature
Potential privacy concerns
Limited support options
No multi-language support apparent


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What are the terms of service for RE-ME?
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What is the DNS notice of RE-ME?
How does RE-ME ensure user interactions are legal and safe?
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How does RE-ME help in broadcasting my AI creation to the world?
What is the process of character creation in RE-ME?
What are the use-cases of RE-ME?
Who are the primary users of RE-ME?

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