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Video prospecting platform for sales.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-powered video prospecting platform built to help busy entrepreneurs and sales teams increase their email response rates and start conversations with prospects.

It eliminates the need to manually record 1:1 videos, saving time and energy that can be better spent. The platform allows users to quickly add leads and contacts from their CRM and customize a pre-recorded video with dynamic background effects. has been shown to increase CTR from 4% to 52% in just three days and increase reply rates by 6x. It also has the ability to generate personalized videos at scale, helping users to stand out in a crowded inbox.

In addition, offers multiple connection methods, including a visual interface, API and Zapier, to allow for maximum flexibility. It also allows for drag-and-drop editing directly in the platform, making it easy to create dynamic personalized videos. can help users save money, time and energy, and increase their success in sales and marketing.


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Pros and Cons


Increase email response rates
Saves time in recording videos
Quickly add leads and contacts
Pre-recorded video customization
Dynamic background effects
Increases CTR drastically
Significantly increases reply rates
Generates personalized videos at scale
Multiple connection methods
Visual interface
API connection
Zapier connection
Drag-and-drop video editing
Saves money
Prevents manual one-to-one videos
Fosters sales and marketing success
Increases inbound conversations
Improves email open rates
Facilitates quick lead addition
Creates dynamic videos
Stand out in inbox
Offers flexibility in usage
Helps in maintaining high CTR
Automates video prospecting
No need for video recording
Unlimited personalization potential
Supports 50+ languages and accents
Automated landing pages creation
Includes CTA buttons and chat widgets
Generates custom video backgrounds
Email thumbnail personalization
Allows for transition pitches
Built for sales, not games
Engages customers with personalized videos
Turns text into video emails
Saves up to 6 hours a day
Allows voice cloning
Offers dynamic video backdrops
Includes smart analytics
Provides an all-in-one sales engagement CRM
Access to millions of B2B contacts
Easily connects with your CRM
Works seamlessly with all favorite tools


Limited avatar customization
Not for individual use
Relative difficulty in integration
High price point
Limited languages supported
Doesn't always perform well
Requires technical knowledge for full utilization
Limited pre-recorded video customization
Relies heavily on other tools (CRM, Zapier, etc.)
Limited analytics functionalities


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How much does increase CTR and reply rates?
Does offer API and Zapier connections?
Does feature drag-and-drop editing?
How can help improve my sales and marketing success?
Is there a demo I can view for
Are there any testimonials from successful users of
Can I choose the AI human avatar in my videos on
How many languages and accents are supported by
Can I generate a personalized landing page for each video on
Does offer smart analytics to track my results?
Can I build my own apps using the developer API on
What is the starting price for a subscription to
Can I generate thousands of personalized videos at once on
Can I clone my voice on


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