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Improved meeting productivity and wellness.
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Read is an AI-powered tool that offers a range of meeting solutions to help improve meeting wellness and productivity. It offers features such as real-time analytics, summaries, transcriptions, automated recommendations, and playback that help to reduce meeting hours and ensure that meetings are more efficient.

It can identify up to 20 meeting hours a month that could be removed or eliminated. Read has been selected as an Essential App by Zoom, and its premium features are enabled for Zoom customers.

Read offers a suite of meeting tools that can be used before, during, and after a meeting to improve meeting quality, scheduling, note-taking, team efficiency, communication, and overall meeting wellness.

Its core features include dashboard analytics, meeting Navigator, assistant, playback & transcriptions, recommendations, and smart scheduling. One of the advantages of Read is that it integrates with existing video conferencing and calendar solutions, making it easier to use for those familiar with these tools.

It also provides unbiased programmable feedback based on data from millions of interactions, allowing actionability and clarity in implementing recommendations.

It offers a single platform for all meetings and interactions, providing a comprehensive source of truth, and can be used across platforms like Webex, Zoom, and Teams.

Read is featured in reputable media outlets such as Techcrunch and Adweek and is trusted by many organizations. It offers a 14-day free trial for its services and is committed to improving meeting wellness and efficiency across teams and organizations.


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Read Highlights was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 5th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Improves meeting productivity
Wellness-focused functionality
Real-time analytics
Automated recommendations
Playback and transcription capability
Summaries for efficient review
Reduces unnecessary meeting hours
Integration with Zoom
Premium features for Zoom users
Comprehensive meeting tool suite
Optimizes scheduling
Enhances note-taking efficiency
Improves team communication
Integrated Meeting Navigator
Cross-platform usage capability
Programmable unbiased feedback
Single platform solution
Availability of free trial
Integration with calendar solutions
Turns analytics into actionable points
Data-driven insights
Creates customized meeting teams
Featured in reputable media
Works with various conferencing tools
Visibility on Techcrunch and Adweek
14-day free trial
Comprehensive source of truth
Customized sharing options
Optimizes attendee engagement
Visual cues analysis
Actionable analytics


Limited video conferencing integrations
No mobile app
Biased towards Zoom users
Only English transcriptions
No offline access
No end-to-end encryption
Restricted free trial
No multi-language support
Requires internet connection


How can Read help improve meeting productivity?
What are some unique features offered by Read?
What does Read's real-time analytics entail?
How does Read's automated recommendations function?
How can Read contribute to reducing meeting hours?
Why was Read selected as an Essential App by Zoom?
What video conferencing and calendar solutions does Read integrate with?
How does Read provide feedback?
What platforms is Read compatible with?
How can Read be used before, during, and after a meeting?
What specific tools does the Read Meeting Tools & Metric feature offer?
In what ways can Read enhance team efficiency?
What does Read’s Smart Scheduling feature entails?
What media outlets have featured Read?
Are there any free trials or demos available to test Read features?
What is the concept of meeting wellness propagated by Read?
How does the transcription feature in Read work?
Does Read offer any tools to improve meeting notes?
What does 'single platform for meetings and interactions' mean for Read?
How does Read identify unproductive meetings hours?

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