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Efficient email drafting for better inbox management.
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Ready to Send is an AI-powered Gmail add-on that automates the process of drafting email replies. It operates in the background, generating personalized draft responses for new emails without any setup or credit card requirement.

The tool allows users to effortlessly manage their inbox and boost productivity by saving time on crafting responses manually.By leveraging AI technology, Ready to Send creates intelligent and contextual email replies that match the user's voice and tone.

It offers the flexibility to describe how to respond to general questions or provide specific instructions for each individual. Users have the option to review and edit the draft responses according to their preferences before sending.The tool seamlessly integrates with various devices and email clients, such as official Gmail apps, Apple Mail, and Outlook.

Draft responses automatically appear alongside new, unread emails, ensuring easy access and efficient email management.Ready to Send caters to professionals, businesses, and individuals, offering new possibilities for hyper-productivity.

It enables users to increase communication velocity, automate customer support responses, and achieve Inbox Zero by quickly responding to emails with thoughtful and ready-to-send replies.Data privacy and security are prioritized, with Ready to Send adhering to all required data protection regulations.

Leveraging Google's infrastructure, emails are not stored, and AI language models are not trained on user messages.The tool supports over 100 languages, detects the language of incoming emails, and responds appropriately.

It scans the inbox for meaningful emails requiring a response and filters out newsletters, promotions, and automated notifications. Draft messages are generated within minutes of receiving an email, and users have full control to edit, delete, or regenerate them as needed.Ready to Send also allows users to compose new emails by describing the message, and a complete email, including salutation and signature, is generated for review before sending.


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Aug 17, 2023
Ready to Send is the best thing I’ve seen in a while. I wake up every morning to drafts written to my important emails 🤯

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Pros and Cons


Efficient email drafting
No setup or credit card requirement
Generates personalized draft responses
Matches user's voice and tone
Users can edit draft responses
Seamless integration with email clients
Work on various devices
Automatically appear draft responses
Supports over 100 languages
Detects language of incoming emails
Cybersecurity prioritized
Adheres to data protection regulations
Emails are not stored
Filters out unnecessary emails
Generates draft messages quickly
Allows composing new emails
Generates complete email with salutation and signature
Drafts waiting for review
Increases communication velocity
Automates customer support responses
Helps achieve Inbox Zero
Enables personal email responses
Designed for professionals, businesses, individuals
Transforms inbox management
Works while you sleep
Doesn't require installation
Maintains unique conversation styles
Flexible in response generation
Relevant draft replies while sleeping
Supports mobile devices
Inclusive, language-friendly
Scans specific emails for response
Automatically filters irrelevant emails
Allows draft response edits
Provides email personalization
Supports personal instructions for emails


Only supports Gmail
Relies on Google's infrastructure
Cannot store emails
No setup requirement limitations
Limited edit options
Automatic drafting only
Limited to 100 languages
Requires user to review emails
No dedicated customer support
Integration issues with non-Gmail apps


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