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Real-time immersive character conversations platform.
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RealChar is a web-based tool that provides real-time AI character creation and communication capabilities. Designed for desktop browsers, the tool offers an immersive experience for users.

With a focus on audio-driven interactions, RealChar allows users to record their voice through a connected audio input device. The recorded audio can then be processed by the AI to generate a character's response.RealChar offers multiple communication options, including text input, sending messages, and establishing connections between characters.

The tool provides intuitive icons for initiating and continuing conversations, as well as for ending calls. Notably, RealChar acknowledges the upcoming release of a mobile version, indicating a commitment to expanding accessibility and addressing a wider user base.

The website also encourages users to wear headphones during interactions, suggesting a focus on audio quality and enhancing the immersive experience.RealChar provides additional resources for users to access.

These include links to the project's GitHub repository, a Discord server for community interaction, and the developer's Twitter account.The tool is owned by RealChar and is protected by copyright, emphasizing the exclusivity of its content.Overall, RealChar offers users a web-based platform to create and interact with AI characters in real-time, primarily through voice-based communication.

Its integration of different communication options and focus on audio input highlights its potential for engaging experiences.


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Dec 13, 2023
Only a few ais but you can create one!
Jan 6, 2024
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Pros and Cons


Web-based tool
Audio-driven interactions
Real-time communication
Voice recording feature
Multiple communication options
Intuitive user interface
Mobile version plan
Focus on audio quality
Community interaction through Discord
Open-source project on GitHub
Developer's Twitter updates
Content exclusivity
Immersive real-time character creation
Text input available
Connection between multiple characters
End-call feature
Continued conversation options


Desktop-browser dependent
No mobile version
Limited to audio interactions
Requires external audio device
Absence of video communication
Lack of multilingual support
Restricted to character conversations
Requires headphone usage
No closed captions
Non-diverse communication options


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Why do I need to wear headphones using RealChar?
Are there any additional resources provided by RealChar?
Is there a community for RealChar users?
Do I have copyrights to the characters I create with RealChar?
Does RealChar provide immersive experiences?
How does RealChar process audio input?
Can I interact with other users on RealChar?
Where can I find the developer's updates about RealChar?
Can I make calls on RealChar?
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