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Manage receipts via text messages efficiently.
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Receipt-AI is an AI-powered tool for managing receipts with text messages. It eliminates the need for traditional methods, such as downloading apps and taking pictures, to store and manage receipts.

With Receipt-AI, users can text their receipts and let machine learning take care of the rest. This saves up to 95% of users' time, streamlines and simplifies the process of storing and keeping track of receipts.

Receipt-AI supports collaboration by enabling users to invite their team members to upload their receipts by adding their phone numbers. The uploaded data can be easily downloaded in CSV format using the user-friendly interface without any hassle.

The tool can be integrated with Xero to upload the data.Currently, Receipt-AI is available in the United States and Canada and is actively working to expand in other countries soon.

Receipt-AI offers two plans that cater to different users' needs. The solo plan costs $20 per month and can manage up to 800 receipts per year, while the startup plan costs $39 per month and can manage up to 1600 receipts per year for up to four people.Receipt-AI's goal is to provide a simple, hassle-free solution for managing receipts.

It saves time, frees up space, and reduces the risk of lost receipts. This tool promotes good financial knowledge and offers a user-friendly interface suitable for small businesses and individuals alike.


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Pros and Cons


Manage receipts via text
Saves up to 95% time
Supports team collaboration
Easy CSV data download
Integration with Xero
Available in US, Canada
Plans for different user needs
Reduces risk of lost receipts
Promotes good financial knowledge
User-friendly interface
No need for apps
No need to take pictures
Supports 800-1600 receipts annually
Secure cloud storage
Receipt recognition from images


Limited to US and Canada
No app available
Limited receipt limit
Lacks multi-currency support
No real-time scanning
Limited to Xero integration
No interpretative error notification
Expensive pricing plans
Limited collaboration options
No customization options


What is Receipt-AI?
How does Receipt-AI streamline receipt management?
Is there a specific method to text receipts to Receipt-AI?
How does collaboration work in Receipt-AI?
In what formats can I download the data from Receipt-AI?
Does Receipt-AI support integration with Xero?
Is Receipt-AI available outside of the US and Canada?
What are the pricing plans offered by Receipt-AI?
What is the maximum number of receipts that Receipt-AI can manage?
How is Receipt-AI useful for small businesses and individuals?
Do I need to download any app to use Receipt-AI?
How does Receipt-AI promote good financial knowledge?
Does Receipt-AI support image recognition?
Where are the receipts stored in Receipt-AI?
How can Receipt-AI help in reducing the risk of lost receipts?
Does the solo plan offer the same features as the start-up plan?
What happens if I go over my receipt limit on Receipt-AI?
Can I use Receipt-AI if I don't use Xero?
How secure is Receipt-AI for storing receipts?
Can I upgrade or change my Receipt-AI plan later?

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