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Optimized team scheduling.
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Reclaim AI is an AI-driven app designed to assist teams in smart scheduling. With its automation capabilities, Reclaim aims to create more time for teams by efficiently scheduling tasks, habits, meetings, and breaks.

The app integrates seamlessly with Google Calendar and is used and trusted by over 25,000 companies.Reclaim offers a range of features tailored to different teams' needs.

For product teams, it enables them to defend "No-Meeting Days" and focus time, integrate task lists with calendars, assign and prioritize work, and auto-schedule meetings with team members and users.

Sales teams can benefit from booking more meetings using high-priority Scheduling Links and auto-scheduling 1:1 meetings with key accounts. HR teams can prevent burnout, boost productivity with "No-Meeting Days," and automate breaks to prevent meeting fatigue.

Engineering teams can integrate project management apps, defend "No-Meeting Days" and focus time, protect calendars from being overrun by meetings, and track time across tasks and projects.

Marketing teams can defend time for recurring marketing activities, book meetings using smart Scheduling Links, auto-schedule tasks to calendars, analyze productivity stats, and auto-schedule regular 1:1 time with contractors.

Finance teams can auto-schedule 1:1 meetings with clients, book more meetings with high-priority Scheduling Links, balance meetings and heads-down work, defend time for recurring activities and habits, and keep schedules flexible for new appointments.Overall, Reclaim AI offers a comprehensive solution for teams to optimize their scheduling and maximize productivity while improving work-life balance.


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ReclaimAI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 25th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Optimized team scheduling
Efficient task automation
Prevents meeting fatigue
Defends 'No-Meeting Days'
Google Calendar integration
Used by 25,000+ companies
Offers team-specific features
Task list and calendar integration
Auto-schedule meetings feature
Auto-schedule tasks to calendar
High-priority Scheduling Links
Defend time for recurrent activities
Schedule flexibility for new appointments
Automatically find best time for meetings
Integrates with project management apps
Tracks time across tasks and projects
Boost team productivity
Improves work-life balance
Automatically schedules tasks to coworkers
Syncs with Slack status
Creates 'No-Meeting Days'
Automatically scheduled breaks
Limits meeting hours
Automatically synchronizes calendars
Prevents calendar from being overrun
Supports various work tools integration
Auto-schedules 1:1 meetings
Schedule based on priority
Offers Smart 1:1 meetings
Buffer Time for break after meetings
Protects personal time
Supports Google Calendar
Automatically finds time for habits
Automatically deletes blocks when feature is turned off
Never alters or declines existing events
Availability maximization
Can delete account instantly from UI
Automatically finds best time to work on tasks
Integrates favorite work tools
Create perfect plan for each day
Automatically schedule breaks and travel around meetings
Prevents overcrowded calendars
Improves communication in team
Allows setting of working hours
Maximize calendar availability for meetings
Analytics productivity metrics
Best for busy schedule holders


Only integrates with Google Calendar
Lacks Outlook 365 support
Limited app integrations
Limited customizability of tasks
No mention of multi-language support
Lacks advanced analytics reports
Cannot manually override scheduled tasks
No desktop application available
No offline mode
Over-reliance on automation


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How does Reclaim AI auto-schedule tasks and meetings?


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