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Simplified tax preparation and filing solution.
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Reconcile is an AI-powered tax filing solution that aims to simplify the complex process of tax preparation. The platform allows users to securely connect to over 9,000 banks and financial institutions to intake every account, such as banking, bookkeeping, and brokerage.

The AI engine then crunches numbers and analyzes financial information to generate precise tax estimates tailored to individual circumstances. Reconcile's platform also provides personalized strategies for maximizing tax savings, identifying deductions, credits, and strategies specific to individual situations and goals.

Users can access real-time AI-tax assistance 24/7 to obtain expert guidance and answers to their queries and demystify complex tax concepts. To ensure accuracy and peace of mind, the platform's experienced team of tax professionals meticulously reviews executable actions, understanding that taxes require a human touch.

Overall, Reconcile provides an end-to-end tax filing solution that takes the stress out of tax preparation by leveraging the power of AI to provide a more accurate and personalized experience for users.


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Pros and Cons


Connects to 9,000+ banks
Integrated with popular financial platforms
Generates precise tax estimates
Personalized tax-saving strategies
Demystifies complex tax concepts
Ensures accuracy with human expertise
Personalized for individual circumstances
Analyses all financial accounts
Real-time tax-related guidance


No offline support
Lacks multi-language support
No mobile application
No data import/export features
No integration with payroll systems
Limited software integrations listed
No cryptocurrency support
Reliant on constant internet connectivity
No trial version offered
Features only accessible online


What is Reconcile?
How does Reconcile simplify tax preparation?
Can Reconcile connect to my bank?
How does Reconcile's AI engine work?
What financial connections can Reconcile intake?
What kind of tax estimates does Reconcile provide?
How does Reconcile maximize tax savings?
What strategies does Reconcile provide to maximize tax savings?
Can I access Reconcile's AI-tax assistance any time?
What kind of tax assistance does Reconcile offer?
How does Reconcile ensure the accuracy of my tax filing?
How does Reconcile's team of tax professionals contribute to the tax filing process?
Does Reconcile handle both bookkeeping and brokerage accounts?
Can Reconcile provide insights on how to identify deductions and credits?
How reliable is the real-time AI-tax assistance by Reconcile?
Does Reconcile provide personalized strategies for individual tax situations?
Is my financial information secure with Reconcile?
What makes Reconcile different from other tax filing solutions?
How does Reconcile empower users in understanding complex tax concepts?
Can I trust Reconcile for accurate tax filings?

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