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Customized LinkedIn outreach platform.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-powered Chrome extension that helps job seekers optimize their LinkedIn outreach and networking. The tool enables personalized connection messages that can help increase the chances of landing introductions, referrals, and interviews to boost a job search.

By customizing outreach messages in just a few sentences and sending them tailored to the recipient, enables easy networking that can lead to expansion of professional connections.

The tool helps save time by cutting down the repetition and effort required in networking and is designed to make LinkedIn outreach less tedious and frustrating.'s AI mechanism aims to increase the chances of success with every message sent. The tool is useful for job seekers at all levels and can help users get noticed by networking instead of just applying blindly to job postings.

With the platform, users can build meaningful connections, get referrals, and land their dream job faster. The tool is free to download and easy to use, and the benefits could be significant. is created by job seekers, for job seekers, and is aimed at helping ambitious individuals network easier and faster.


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Pros and Cons


Customized LinkedIn outreach
Optimizes LinkedIn networking
Sends personalized connection messages
Increases chances of landing introductions
Boosts referrals and interviews
Saves networking time
Cuts down repetitive tasks
Reduces LinkedIn outreach frustration
Helps build professional connections
Aids in tailored messaging
Boosts success rate
Free to download
Designed for job seekers
Increases outreach efficiency
Chrome extension
Easy setup
Can schedule informational interviews
Potential to increase hire chances
Evades writers block
Helps stand out in applications
Quick to setup
Enables 10x faster networking


Only works as Chrome extension
Exclusively LinkedIn focused
Not for enterprise use yet
No mobile application
Not autonomous - user customization needed
May seem spammy to recipients
May face LinkedIn’s automation restrictions


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Can I personalize my connection messages with
What is the main goal of
Who can use
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How does the AI in work?
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How does make LinkedIn networking less tedious?
How does increase my chances of success with every message?
Who created and why?
Can I use for networking besides job searching?
What are the benefits of using
Is useful for all types of job seekers?
How does help to get referrals?
How does optimize my LinkedIn outreach?
Can I schedule an informational interview with
How has helped other job seekers?
Why is a game changer for job seekers?
How does help in building meaningful professional connections?

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