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Interior design that generates personalized concepts.
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REimagineHome is an AI-powered interior design tool that allows users to redesign their homes with personalized design concepts and inspiration. It uses generative AI to generate design ideas in seconds, eliminating the need for manual design processes.

The tool also allows users to virtually stage empty rooms, as well as re-design furnished spaces and outdoor patios. It automatically considers all architectural and furniture elements, such as walls, doors, windows, beds, and paintings, and takes into account the user's color preferences and text instructions.

REimagineHome allows users to quickly and easily transform their home with AI-powered design, making it easier than ever to create a beautiful and unique living space.


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REimagineHome was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 8th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Generates personalized designs
Considers architectural elements
Accounts for furniture
Adapts to user color preferences
Can redesign furnished spaces
Facilitates outdoor patio design
Can virtually stage rooms
Quick design idea generation
Understands design styles
Adapts to text instructions
Virtual design of any space
Considers preferred design style
Automatic redesigning capability
Re-imagines empty rooms
Automatic consideration of appliances
Generates inspiring designs
Handles exterior space design
Interactive design idea generation
Considers walls and doors
Evaluates architectural components
Detects room type
Automatic landscaping design
Redesigning with user instructions


No multi-platform support
Limited style options
Unclear error messages
Lacks advanced customization
No collaboration feature
No API for developers
Absent offline functionality
No sample projects available
Doesn't support 3D visualization
No free version


What is REimagineHome?
How does REimagineHome use AI to generate design concepts?
Can REimagineHome redesign furnished spaces?
Can REimagineHome virtually stage empty rooms?
Does REimagineHome consider all architectural elements in its design process?
Can REimagineHome redesign outdoor spaces such as patios?
How can I specify my color preferences in REimagineHome?
Can REimagineHome design personalized interior concepts based on my instructions?
Is there an option to sign up or log in on REimagineHome?
How is the 'Generative AI' in REimagineHome different from other tools'?
What are the main features of REimagineHome?
Can I try REimagineHome for free before signing up?
Does REimagineHome have a feature to redesign backyards specifically?
What specific furniture pieces does REimagineHome take into account?
How does REimagineHome handle different design styles?
How quickly can I get design ideas from REimagineHome?
What does the 'input image' and 'masked image' mean on REimagineHome?
What is the 'waitlist' on REimagineHome?
Can REimagineHome help me redesign my kitchen or bathroom?
What are some example applications of REimagineHome?

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