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Investment document management & analysis
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AngelList Relay is an AI-powered tool that helps users manage and analyze investment documents and company updates. By simply forwarding an email, Relay is able to extract key details from investment documents and unstructured investor updates.

This includes information such as pay-to-play provisions, revenue metrics, burn rate, and more. Users receive an AI summary with the extracted data via email, typically within five minutes.Relay offers document management capabilities, allowing users to access all historical portfolio company updates and investment documents directly in the tool.

Documents are organized by company, year, and month, with the ability to bulk download them.The tool also creates a portfolio tracking dashboard that combines structured investment data, AI summaries, and historical documents from emails.

This helps users identify insights, track performance of portfolio companies, and craft investor updates for LPs.Relay includes team permissioning and access features, ensuring that relevant stakeholders, both internal and external, have access to investment documents and key insights.

The tool allows for multi-level team permissioning, granting different levels of access to different team members.Users of Relay have praised its ability to transform unstructured data into a clear, actionable overview, providing value by organizing information that would otherwise be buried in email inboxes.Relay offers different pricing plans, starting with a free tier that includes limited parsing capabilities, and higher tiers with increased parsing limits, unlimited team members, and additional features such as audit support and LP facing updates.Relay is designed to handle a variety of investment documents, including SPAs and SAFEs, and currently supports parsing of terms related to these documents.

The tool can also parse various terms and data from company updates, such as annual revenue, burn per month, cash in bank, number of customers, and more.User Personal Identifiable Information (PII) is managed in accordance with AngelList's privacy policy, and Relay only receives the emails and documents that are sent to the Relay email address.

Data is stored using AWS services, encrypted at rest and in transit, and compliant with SOC 2 regulations.


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Pros and Cons


Extracts key investment details
Analyzes investment documents
Quick data summary
Document management capabilities
Organizes document by company
Yearly and monthly document organization
Bulk download option
Portfolio tracking dashboard
Combines investment data
Combines historical documents
Multi-level team permissioning
Pricing plans availability
Free tier accessibility
Increased parsing limits
Supports multiple document types
Privacy policy compliant
Protects personal information
Supports SPAs and SAFEs
Term and data parsing
Supports unlimited team members
Automated audit support feature
LP facing updates
Compliant with SOC 2
Extracts investment date
Extracts pay-to-play provisions
Extracts revenue metrics
Extracts burn rate
Extracts 24+ other terms
Historical portfolio access
Identifies insights
Tracks portfolio performance
Crafts investor updates
Stores user data securely
Handles unstructured data
Handles a variety of terms
Dashboard accessible to stakeholders
Data encryption in transit
Data encryption at rest
Vulnerability scans


Limited parsing capabilities
Email forwarding required
Pricing scales with usage
Limited document types supported
Team permissioning complexity
Dependent on correctly formatted emails
Difficult for non-technical users
Limited to investment documents
Unsorted data if association failed
Limited free tier features


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What is included in Relay's portfolio tracking dashboard?
Does Relay offer team permissioning and access?
What types of investment documents can Relay handle?
Does Relay provide different pricing plans?
Can I expect Relay to respect my privacy and secure my data?
What types of unstructured company updates can Relay parse?
What are the document management capabilities of Relay?
Can Relay help me track the insights and performance of my portfolio companies?
What type of documents can be managed by Relay?
How many team members can I add in Relay under each pricing plan?
Does Relay support the parsing of terms related to investment documents?
How does Relay handle User Personal Identifiable Information?
In terms of data storage, what methods does Relay use to ensure security and confidentiality?
Does Relay receive all my emails sent to the Relay email address?
Does using Relay grant AngelList access to all my investment documents?

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