Website building 14 Mar 2023
Relume Ipsum

Generated by GPT-3

Relume Ipsum is a Figma plugin that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to generate realistic website copy quickly and easily for designers and developers without leaving Figma.

The plugin utilizes GPT-3 technology mixed with their secret sauce to create unique content based on a brief company description. Relume Ipsum offers a 2,000 trial word plan for new users while subscription-based pricing plans provide a range of options for generating 10,000 to 50,000 words per month.

With Relume Ipsum, users can generate content for any type of website, including corporate websites, e-commerce sites, and blogs. The generated content is unique and not copied from other websites.

Users can use the content generated by Relume Ipsum for commercial purposes. To get started, users simply select a Frame or Text Layer in Figma, fill in the company name and details, and click generate.

The accuracy of the generated content depends on the quality and specificity of the company description provided. Relume Ipsum advises users to write a polished company description as its AI writes like its users.

The Relume Ipsum Figma kit provides users with the best possible results for generating content. Relume Ipsum saves time and money for small businesses and startups that may not have the resources to hire a professional copywriter.


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