Image editing 24 Feb 2023
Remove object from photo by HitPaw

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HitPaw Online Object Remover is a free AI-based tool that allows users to remove unwanted objects from photos quickly and precisely with just one click.

The tool can remove not only objects and people but also brand logos, text, stickers, and dates. Users can upload their photos to the website and use the brush to select the object area they want to remove accurately.

The website claims that the tool can remove objects from photos without causing any blurs. HitPaw Online Object Remover is one of many tools available on the HitPaw Online Toolbox, which includes audio and video editing tools, image watermark removers, and background removers.

The website also offers desktop software for audio and photo editing. Users can create an account on the website to access their edit history and save their edited photos.

Overall, HitPaw Online Object Remover is a useful tool for users who want to edit their photos and remove unwanted objects without using complex software.


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