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Security design reviews with assistance.
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Remy Security is an AI-powered tool that specializes in security design reviews. It offers valuable features that aim to streamline the review process while reducing the effort and expenses involved.

With Remy Security, users can significantly decrease the need for costly review meetings. The tool allows prioritization of designs based on their risk levels, enabling teams to focus on higher-priority issues first.

By leveraging LLMs (Language Models), Remy Security generates targeted insights specifically related to the risks of each design, eliminating the need for manual brainstorming.One notable capability of Remy Security is its ability to automatically generate questions and feedback for design authors.

These questions help guide the review process and provide valuable input to improve the security of the designs. Users have the flexibility to make edits, regenerate suggestions, or audit them before sending out to ensure it aligns with their requirements.

Remy Security is designed to empower users rather than replace human input.Additionally, Remy Security offers full coverage in each review, reducing the risk of overlooking important details.

It thoroughly examines a wide range of potential risks and provides a ranking to help teams prioritize their attention effectively. The tool integrates with issue trackers and documents, ensuring that risky plans don't slip through the cracks.

Actionable summaries and risk ratings are presented for each design plan, allowing the security team to stay on top of engineering plans.Remy Security is currently in its early access phase, allowing users to receive updates and access a demo.


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Remysec was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 28th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Streamlines review process
Reduces effort and expenses
Decreases need for meetings
Risk-based design prioritization
Generates targeted insights
Auto-generates questions/feedback
Allows user edits to feedback
Offers full review coverage
Examines wide range of risks
Integrates with issue trackers
Integrates with documents
Provides risk rankings
Actionable summaries for each design
Keeps track of engineering plans
Early access phase
Supports demo access


Still in early access
No specified collaborative features
Limited editing functions
No mentioned platform compatibility
No multilingual support identified
No offline mode mentioned
Lack of customization options
No noted export features
Undefined user access control


What is Remy Security?
What are the key features of Remy Security?
How does Remy Security streamline the security design review process?
What is the role of Language Models in Remy Security?
How does Remy Security prioritize designs?
How does Remy Security generate questions and feedback for design authors?
Can users edit the suggestions generated by Remy Security?
How does Remy Security ensure full coverage in each review?
What potential risks does Remy Security help identify?
How does Remy Security integrate with issue trackers and documents?
What does the actionable summary provided by Remy Security include?
Does Remy Security also provide risk ratings for each design plan?
What is the early access phase of Remy Security?
How can one sign up for the early access of Remy Security?
Does Remy Security completely replace human input?
How does Remy Security help in reducing the need for costly review meetings?
How does Remy Security help in improving the quality of design reviews?
How does Remy Security assist in staying on top of engineering plans?
What is a design plan in the context of Remy Security?
Does Remy Security assist in identifying token rotations?

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