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Realistic voice actor creation for creative projects.
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Replica Voice is an AI-powered voice actor platform that enables users to create natural-sounding voice performances for creative projects. It is powered by a talented voice actor who spends hours training the AI model to learn their unique speech patterns, pronunciation, and emotional range.

This allows users to rapidly produce voice lines and play-test their development builds before recording the final lines with actors.The ever-growing AI Voice Actor Library has 40+ voices and more being added weekly.

Replica Voice can help with pre-vis and pitch vis, indie creators, and new creative opportunities such as real-time voice generation and dynamic scripts.

The platform also offers voice security and ethics that ensure voices are only used for good. Additionally, users can get started with 30 minutes of free voice credit.

Replica Voice is compatible with Unreal Engine, Replica API, Unity, Omniverse, iClone, and Roblox. Replica Voice is a product of Replica Studios, which has investors like The VR Fund, Carthona Capital, Techstars, and Mawson.


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Replica was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on October 30th 2022.
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