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Automated report cards for teachers.
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Report Card Comments is an AI writing assistant that streamlines the report card writing process for teachers, creating high quality, personalized comments, while saving valuable time and energy.

The tool is designed to help teachers produce a first draft of eloquently written comments with no grammar, spelling, gender or pronoun errors, that can be at or near the exact character count required for school board reporting software.

To use Report Card Comments, a teacher can upload a spreadsheet with student first names and grades then choose curriculum expectations they covered in the reporting term.

The AI assistant understands the qualifier table and descriptive words aligned to each comment level, and it generates a first draft with large language models designed to write, that is aligned to the Ontario curriculum.

Other provinces and US states can cut and paste the curriculum expectations into the text box. The tool also offers features like 'rephrase', 'max character count', and exporting comments into a file for convenience.

Report Card Comments is built by teachers for teachers, as a tool that helps streamline the report card writing process, reducing stress and anxiety associated with producing error-free, high-quality reports.

The aim is to enable teachers to focus on the important parts of the comment, producing a quality benchmark for the first draft of their comments.


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Pros and Cons


High quality, personalized comments
Corrects grammar, spelling, pronoun errors
Produces exact character count
Understands qualifier tables
Generates first draft comments
Aligns with Ontario curriculum
Compatible with other provinces/US states
Offers features like 'rephrase'
'Max character count' feature
Supports comment export
Reduces stress, anxiety for teachers
Quick spreadsheet upload
Large language models utilized
Free trial availability
Automation of spelling checks
Gender errors correction
Built by teachers for teachers
Streamlines report card process
Enhanced focus on important parts
Easy-to-use interface
Designed for error-free writing


Limited to English language
Only aligns with Ontario curriculum
Requires spreadsheet upload
No API integration
No mobile app
No multi-user collaboration
Doesn't support other document formats
No live editing feature
Limited export options
No offline mode


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